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Sep 19,  · 1) Are you a professional Forex Trader (i.e. working for someone you have to attain results for to keep your job) 2) What systems, strategies, methods do you use 3) How does your average Forex trader become successful.

Benefits of Forex Understand the advantages of trading forex. July 2, at They also understand that problems with interpersonal relationships can translate immediately into performance shortfalls , so adequate time is taken to deal with spouses, parents and children. I have to learn everything afresh from a real master.

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We've looked at the biggest Forex successful traders, and there are certainly many more successful forex traders to follow But remember, while there might be many professional fx traders out there trading with seemingly foolproof trading strategies, different techniques work for different people.

Unfortunately most of them have a wrong impression about Forex trading and this is because they get misled by the information they find over the Internet.

They think they can become a full time professional Forex trader by learning a trading strategy and within a short time. A few winning positions on a demo account makes them think that they are ready to trade with real money. They open a live account and unfortunately many of them trade with the money they cannot afford to lose. This is how the sweat dream of becoming a millionaire through Forex trading can turn to a big nightmare and the worst memory of your life.

Before you learn how to become a professional Forex trader, first you have to know what professional Forex trading is. Some people think that a professional Forex trader is someone who makes a lot of money through Forex trading as his full time job.

This is not true. A professional Forex trading is someone who makes a lot of money through Forex or currency trading, but trading is not his full time job and his only source of income.

In fact, professional Forex and stock traders are those who increase their wealth through currency and stock trading as the investment opportunities not as a full time job. The greedy brokers who think about nothing but making more money through the traders losses, do it. Therefore, they make it possible to open small live accounts with a high leverage like I have explained in one of my other articles that you have to have three things to become a good and successful trader:.

Proper mental and psychological condition. To become a professional trader first you have to learn how to trade. You have to learn the trading basics first. Then you have to learn a trading strategy. You have to master your trading strategy through demo trading. If you can repeat your success with real money for several consecutive months exactly as you did with the demo account, then you can trade with a bigger live account or open a professional live account with a reliable broker.

You can also trade through a bank account if you want which is safer and more professional. You need time to pass the above stages. You can make millions of dollars through Forex trading but only when you pass the above stages properly. To do that, you need time and peace of mind. You need to be financially free already and then use Forex and stock trading as good investment opportunities to increase your wealth. This is how it works. Therefore, you have to have a good source of income that makes a reasonable amount of money for you.

But everything has to be done through a proper procedure to generate the good result that is expected. Making a lot of money through Forex trading is possible but only the way I explained above.

Fortunately, it has become a lot more easier to create a good source of income if you follow the right track. Multi-Asset Trading Understand the difference between Forex and equities trading and how to use both in harmony. Who You Will Learn From Our staff of professional instructors is composed of the most dedicated people you will ever meet. What Students Are Saying 4. Professional Forex Trader Course Type: Why trade the Forex markets?

Leverage — Low capital requirements. Forex traders can start with much smaller amounts of money than you need for trading stocks.

Time — Forex traders can trade when they have time. Trading occurs in all time zones in the world and can be part time or full time depending on one's preference. Opportunity — The most important reason to trade the Forex markets are the fact that they are fantastic trending markets that are always moving, there is always a Forex market to trade.

They are also made up of markets that are not moving in the same direction. This provides rare non — correlated opportunity. Also, traders can profit in up and down trends by buying long or selling short.

With Forex trading dominated by the world's largest banks causing strong market moves, knowing where they are buying and selling is KEY information for the individual trader. Audience This course is designed for students of all experience levels who are serious about becoming a professional Forex trader. Format Each day's agenda contains powerful and fully interactive lectures led by a professional trader combined with live trading and analysis sessions focusing on market analysis and trade execution.

Maximum 22 person capacity providing individual attention from your instructor. Each student is provided a classroom computer where they learn in a hands-on environment. Benefits of Forex Understand the advantages of trading forex. Terminology Learn to properly speak the language of forex traders.

Global Forex Markets Discover all the forex markets available. Core Strategy Review Reinforce your understanding of key tools and processes to time the markets professionally. Day 2 Bracket Orders for Income Practice set-and-forget order placement for short term income trades. Forex Selection for Income Learn a process to create a proper watchlist of forex pairs to be traded in order to create short term income.

The Dollar Index Get to know one of the most important indexes in the world. Position Size Learn to define the proper position size in order to manage risk correctly. Risk Management for Forex Learn to manage the specific risk attached to trading forex. This lifestyle works perfectly in conjunction with timing of key economic reports in Europe and the United States but fails to capture Asian developments, which can move world currency markets for months at a time.

This leaves two other specialization choices:. In all specialties, professionals focus their efforts on currency pairs that provide the most profit potential for their strategies. This inevitably changes over time, forcing them to adjust market and sleep hours to manage profitability.

Trading screens are turned on soon after waking because currency markets are open and prices have been driven higher or lower during sleep hours. In addition, they always review exposure at the end of the market day, to ensure that losses taken during the sleep cycle fall within the confines of their risk tolerance. They keep a detailed calendar of economic releases and central bank meetings that will impact their strategies, often foregoing sleep when a key meeting is set outside of their normal market viewing hours.

They examine the latest economic releases while having their first cup of coffee, adjusting stops and exiting positions if needed. Time frame now comes into play because many professionals hold a large core of smaller-sized positions for longer holding periods.

This allows them to keep stops loose and away from predatory algorithms , which dominate modern markets. These efficient robot-traders predict price zones where retail stops are clustered and hit those levels during less active trading hours or in response to economic releases. Market day activity depends on the current strategies.

Pros who manage a core of longer-term positions may be surprisingly inactive in a typical session, waiting for key price zones to come into play.

Even so, these positions cluster around the hours of major economic and central bank releases, with the balance of the session set to observation rather than action mode. Confirmation for Today's Forex Trader. Professionals choose specific times to end their market days rather than letting circumstances and price action make those determinations. The New York lunch hour offers the most popular choice for local professionals because it also marks the close of trading on the European stock exchanges.

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