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Download a list of all companies on EUREX Futures Exchange including symbol and name. List of Symbols for EUREX Futures Exchange [EUREX] Starting with A The worlds #1 website for end of day & historical stock data.

That month Eurex also launched weekly options contracts on the Euro Bund futures. It is a fully electronic market and is considered one of the best and most innovative trading exchanges in the world.


Eurex Exchange’s T7 – Time-pro-rata allocation • The allocation of an individual order is based on its order size as well as on its order priority time combining aspects of the pro-rata as well as time allocation.

Margin collateral reflecting the maximum expected fluctuations of the underlying is required for both options and futures. The required margin is called initial margin because it needs to be put up before inital entering into a position.

The initial margin shall cover the potential losses in case of changed prices of traded derivatives. The margin amount is set daily by Eurex Clearing AG. It can also be re-determined on a short term basis during the day or due to upcoming events. Eurex Clearing calculates the inital margin according to the Eurex Clearing Prisma methodology. The currently used risk based margining system will be replaced in a step wise approach starting end of With this methodology margin calls are not based on single products as within risk based margining but rather the risks and with the margin needs of a certain clearing member for certain product groups so called liquidation groups are assessed.

The exchange's clearing architecture, branded C7 and launched in July , supports both listed and OTC derivatives and complies with the new derivatives regulations under the European market infrastructure regulation EMIR. Eurex was ranked seventh among global derivatives exchanges by volume in , with 1. It was jointly operated by Deutsche Boerse and the SIX Swiss Exchange with the German group holding 50 percent of the voting rights and 85 percent of the share capital.

The DTB, launched in , was one of the world's first electronic exchanges. By the exchange had distributed its screens across Europe and into the United States. The incident represented the first time an existing, established liquidity pool had ever been wrestled away from its home venue. That led to a stunning announcement in March , that Eurex and the Chicago Board of Trade CBOT would form a linkage between Eurex and the CBOT's electronic platform, Project A, by the end of the year, with the aim of creating an electronic trading platform for the leading benchmark derivatives products of Europe and the United States.

Franke was followed by Rudolf Ferscha , a mergers and acquisitions specialist and former non-directional trader who took the reins in December, He also continued to expand the international stock option offerings in Frankfurt, and was able to capitalize on hardware glitches in the Amsterdam segment of cross-continental rival Euronext to gain a leading position in Dutch options for a time.

Eurex kept an ownership interest and later increased its majority stake in the exchange. Eurex responded with fines, but did not change the contract. In the end, the German Central Bank, the Bundesbank, agreed to make other deliverable bonds available in the event of a squeeze, and the threat faded.

Eurex moved into the over-the-counter bond sector in October with the launch of Eurex Bonds, a wholesale trading platform in fixed income securities and Treasury discount paper.

The platform is connected to Eurex Clearing's settlement system and was integrated with Eurex's futures contracts. The platform offers a wide range of interest rate products including: The exchange also added options on U. Eurex would later add single stock futures.

By the end of , Eurex and CBOT had formally entered a dispute resolution process, with Eurex charging that the CBOT had violated their agreement by not paying for a software upgrade and not allowing U. In , Eurex introduced futures and options on exchange-traded funds ETFs. Total Eurex volume for the year crossed the one billion contract threshold in December, and finished at just above 1. The year was another pivotal time for the exchange, as shareholders ousted Deutsche Boerse AG chief executive Werner Seifert.

Also in , the joint venture agreement governing Eurex was adjusted to give Deutsche Boerse 85 percent of the income from Eurex, and the exchange began expanding its distribution in Asia.

Numerous memorandums of understanding MOUs with Asian exchanges were signed, and the groundwork was laid for direct access for Singapore-based traders. On the product front, Eurex introduced its volatility index products. Despite the turmoil, Eurex remained a critical profit center for Deutsche Boerse AG, and trading volume continued its dramatic rise to more than 1. Until , trading in the US and UK was carried out in the open outcry style.

The Eurex Exchange was one of the first in the world to provide a fully electronic trading platform. Gradually, traditional open outcry trading methods became obsolete. Open outcry or pit trading lost its place to the fully electronic format brought in by the Eurex.

Through this electronic mode, buyers and sellers from far and near and from remote areas were brought together and networked through an electronic trading platform. The T7 trading architecture that is used today by the Eurex was launched in and was originally developed by the Deutsche Group.

More than 7, traders across as many as 35 countries trade more than seven million contracts every day on this robust and reliable trading network. Eurex screens are currently installed in 19 countries and among participants and run on the T7 platform, which was launched in The exchange offers financial futures contracts based on interest rates, equity indexes, equities, and volatility.

It is known for Euro-Bund futures, which was ranked the fifth largest interest rate derivative contract in In July , the exchange started using the branded C7 clearing architecture, which supports both listed and over-the-counter derivatives. It complies with the new derivatives regulation under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation.

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