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Bsn Fat Burner Products Reviews On Nutrisystem Weight Loss Program Body Wraps For Weight Loss Naperville Il Quickest Way To Lower Ldl Cholesterol Doctors Weight Loss Springfield Il It commonly a good idea to speak to your doctor first.

A field ration—tthe Canadian equivalent to an MRE. A good charge controller is necessary to ensure that batteries reach the maximum charge and have the longest life.


Bsn Fat Burner Products Reviews On Nutrisystem Weight Loss Program Body Wraps For Weight Loss Naperville Il Quickest Way To Lower Ldl Cholesterol Doctors Weight Loss Springfield Il It commonly a good idea to speak to your doctor first.

Committee for State Security. Keynesian Those who believe in the socialistic economic theories of John Maynard Keynes. Most commonly used in describing the yield of nuclear weapons. Kva Kilo Volt Amp. This term describes power in a relationship of thousands of volts voltage and amperage. Kilowatt KWh Kilowatt Hours. One KWh is one thousand watts acting over a 1 hour period. A generic name for military style suspenders or vest used for carrying magazine pouches, canteen, pistol holster, et cetera.

Also called Web Gear, or in some cases Deuce Gear. LC-1 Load Carrying, Type 1. Army Load Bearing Equipment, circa s to s.

Such as a road or railroad. It the opinion of JWR they have flawed doctrine but a great family food storage program. LDT Depending on context: See also FAS and Derivative. A battery technology that is superior to NiMH.

Such as the M SAW. LOA Depending on context Length, over all. LOC Level of Conciousness. LOL Laughing out loud. LOS Line of Sight. Foods that have little acid and therefore can contain food poisoning bacteria if poorly processed.

LP Depending on context: LPI Depending on context: Usually the same position, used for observation in daylight hours and for listening and use of Starlight devices at night. Starlight LR Depending on context: The peak load on start up of a device with a compressor such as an air conditioner. LSD Depending on context: Low self discharge batteries or Lysergic acid Diethylamide an illicit hallucinogenic drug.

LSE Depending on context: Lieutenant Colonel or License to Carry. The infamous derivatives hedge fund that went bankrupt in It is semi-automatic, chambered in. This rifle is commonly called the Garand. After the name of its inventor. Not to be confused with the U. M1 Carbine, another semi-auto of the same era, which shoots a far less powerful pistol-class cartridge.

Mainly issued to officers and second echelon troops such as artillerymen, for self-defense. Carbine, an intermediate pistol class. More than six million were manufactured, and several hundred thousand were released as surplus by the DCM in the s. M1A The civilian semi-auto only version of the U. The civilian semi-auto only equivalent is the M1A. The current standard variant is the M16A2 that has improved sight and three shot burst control. The civilian semi-auto only equivalent is the AR M The Model Colt semi-auto pistol and clones thereof , usually chambered in.

M21 The match grade sniper version of the U. Army issue 40mm grenade launcher. These single-shot launchers are mounted beneath the barrels of some M16 rifles and M4 carbines. MB The current U. A shorter version of the M16 rifle, with a M60 The semi-obsolete U.

Army issue version of the Beretta M92 semi-auto 9mm pistol. Mag Depending on context, Mutual Assistance Group, or short for magazine, magnum, or magnesium. Not a recommended tactic! The Candela is a measure of how much light is produced as measured at the light source. To improvise, using reading available household materials. Term derived from the television series MacGyver.

McMansion The derogatory term used for a large, outwardly ostentatious house built on a small lot. In the context of Robert A. A milliradian is an angular unit of measure that just happens to equal one yard at yards and 1 meter at meters.

Laser tag for grunts. Mil-Dot A type of telescopic rifle sight scope reticle with precisely sized and positioned black dots spaced along the center of both the horizontal and vertical crosshairs. These dots allow accurate range estimation. A product made to the demanding standards of military organizations.

Milsurp Slang acronym for military surplus. Such as the M MOA Minute of Angle 1. Also the title of a novel by Boston T. Monoculture A local or regional agricultural economy that is dependent on a single crop. Such as corn in some parts of the Midwest.

Mosin-Nagants are now available in large numbers as quite affordable military surplus in the United States and Canada. These rifles and carbines are chambered in the powerful, rimmed. This cartridge has more energy than. Army field rations a.

Used in US industry to identify toxic or otherwise dangerous materials. The term used in New Zealand to designate paramilitary-looking rifles or shotguns. A toxic chemical used to oxygenate gasoline. MTBE now contaminates the groundwater in most of California. It is a variant of Crye Multicam. Multicam The versatile civilian camouflage pattern that was recently adopted as standard for use by the U. This a VHF 2-way radio service that does not require a license.

MV Muzzle Velocity Ballistics. The N95 designation means that the mask blocks about 95 percent of particles that are 0. This is larger than the dimension of most viruses, but most viruses are carried through the air on particles of dust, saliva, skin, or mucous, which are much larger than 0.

Sodium Chloride—table salt In some contexts, a saline IV solution. Periodic public school tests in reading, mathematics, science, writing, U. This scheme will use RFID biochips. Nav Slang for navigation. A region of South Sudan. An independent professional numismatic coin grading service. Such as a private charity. Expressed numerically on garden fertilizer bags.

Part of the USDA. AQ, WTC and They have no compunctions about killing, and with motorcycles they are a highly mobile threat, capable of covering long distances with just a few gallons of gasoline. An explanation can be found at http: OPD valves are used on many propane tanks. It does so mainly through repurchase agreements with authorized dealers. The Fed buys or sells Treasury securities with a promise to reverse the transaction at a later date.

Commonly known as repos, these are basically short-term collateralized loans at a negotiated interest rate. Definition courtesy of W. Also called the Red Force. A call option grants the right to buy at the specified strike price, and so it pays off if the market price for the underlying item rises above that mark. A put option grants the right to sell as the strike price and pays off when the market price falls below the strike price. Options are traded on both exchanges and OTC markets.

Sold under brands names like Pedialyte. OWB Outside-the-waistband pistol holster design See also: P2P Depending on context: P38 Depending on context: A compact military can opener that can be carried on a key ring, or a Walther 9mm pistol, or WWII fighter plane manufactured by Lockheed. I recommend the P7-M13 for someone with lavish budget. Packet Amateur radio AX. The packet includes addressing information so that the receiving station knows the source and destination of the Packet.

PACO2 Arterial partial pressure of carbon dioxide. A carcinogenic compound found in used motor crankcase oil. A compass bearing used to get folks to a rally point. Para Short for paratrooper. Refers both to the soldiers themselves, and the type of rifles that they often carry.

Typically with a folding stock. Paracord Slang for parachute cord—a heavy duty nylon twine that has thousands of uses and can be disassembled for uses as sturdy thread.

Also called cord. Parkerize The trade name for a rust-resistant phosphate finish used on some firearms. Parts kits are typically derived from military surplus weapons that would not otherwise be importable because they were originally capable of fully automatic fire. Since in the U. Parts kits are typically used by hobbyists to assemble a complete semi-auto only firearm, or are kept as spare parts for a complete rifle of the same model.

PAX Aviation shorthand for Passengers. Sometimes jokingly called Propaganda Broadcasting Service. The latter is an animal tranquilizer that is sometimes misused by drug addicts, because of its hallucinogenic effects. A common file format used for viewing text and graphics files, developed by Adobe software. A standard reference on prescription drugs. PDW Depending on context: Depending on the context: Physical Education or Professional Engineer. A measure of stock valuation.

Peaknik An adherent of Peak Oil Theory. Pectin A natural jellying agent that is found in some fruits. Peen The nailing end of a ball-peen hammer. Pelosi Rawles ranch slang for a framing timber or other obect that is not Plumb. A test of the soil to determine if it will absorb and drain water adequately to use a septic leach field system for sewage disposal.

Perp Slang for perpetrator. This contraction is most commonly used by police. The folks that make the duty assignments. A stable, flexible high-order explosive.

The filler used in primacord detonating cord. Usually in the context of fallout protection PFD Depending on contecxt: The scale runs from 0 to 14 with the middle point pH 7 being neutral neither acidic or basic. Any pH number greater than 7 is considered a base and any pH number less than 7 is considered an acid. The five weakest Eurozone national economies. A vehicle ramming maneuver, used by police.

In a PIT, the front bumper of a pursuit car is aimed at the left rear quarter panel of the car being pursued, to spin the car off the road. Plumb An object that is exactly vertical, as established by a spirit level or a plumb line. A popular and very sturdy plastic magazine made by MagPul industries. Initially made for M16s, they later became available for ARs, Gs, and other rifles.

Close Quarter Combat term. Pollyanna was a novel by Eleanor H. POS Piece of Schumer. Prisoner of War or Personally Owned Weapon. JWR recommends using them on all 12 volt DC appliances, rather than cigarette lighter plugs, which are bulky and often pop apart.

The measure used by teh EPA to describe lead contamination. A thermo-electric circuit breaker. PR Depending on context: Public Relations or Puerto Rico. PR A law enforcement baton with a side handle, made by Monadnock. Prep Slang for prepare. Prepper Slang for prepared individual. Preps Slang for preparations. PRI-D A commercial fuel additive that extends the storage life of diesel fuel and biodiesel.

It includes an anti-bacterial. PRI-G A commercial fuel additive that extends the storage life of gasoline. The enemy must neutralize these assets immediately to prevent or minimize retaliation. The five principles of combat patrolling.

Patient medical PT Depending on context: A physical mounting for running auxiliary equipment, turned by an engine. PTOs are found on most farm tractors and some trucks. They are used to power accessories like post hole diggers, manure spreaders, and snow blowers. Like the HK91, this ia s civilian semi auto-only variant of the 7.

Also the title of an excellent nuke survival science fiction novel by Dean Ing. Photovoltaic power panels converts energy from sunshine to DC electricity. The ubiquitous white plastic water pipe used in the U. A highly inflationary monetary policy, typicaly where a central bank buys government debt paper. QE2 Quantitative Easing, Round 2. The second round of Quantitative Easing in the United States expected to begin in late QED Quod erat demonstratum.

Thus it is demonstrated. QRM Man-made interference on a radio frequency, intentional or not. QRN Natural interference on a radio frequency. Lightning, solar noise an issue with very week signals are examples of natural interference.

QRP Low power amateur radio operation, usually 5 watts output or 10 watts input power. QSL To acknowledge receipt. Also used as a term for sending cards by mail to confirm a two way contact with a station.

R Depending on context: Roentgens , or R Value —the insulating value of building materials. RA Depending on context: Room Air medical term or Resident Adviser. Rawlesian Those who subscribe to the survivalist philosophy of James Wesley, Rawles. Redoubt See American Redoubt.. Re-fi Slang contraction for loan re-financing.

Reg Slang for regulation. A membership store that sells outdoor gear. A measurement used to quantify the amount of radiation that will produce biological effects. Usually refers to properties that are owned by an institution or a government agency.

Retreat In the context of SurvivalBlog, a place of refuge that is prepared in advance. Usually in lightly-populated rural regions. Also sometimes called a Bug Out Location. RFI Request for Information. An identification tag that can be read from a distance.

One variety of RFID is an implantable biochip. RFP Request for Proposal. RFQ Request for Quotation. The brand name of one of the best brands of grease on the market. Silica Gel and VCI. ROI Return on Investment. ROM Depending on context: The original RPK shoots the intermediate 7.

An American gunmaker of AR family rifles. An American firearms manufacturer. RV In the context of nuclear weapons, a re-entry vehicle method of delivering a nuclear weapon. In the context of survival retreats, a recreational vehicle. In the context of the film Dr. RVN Republic of Vietnam. RWR Depending on context: Prescribed or prescription medicine. Called G1 at higher echelons. S2 Intelligence Military staff function. Called G2 at higher echelons.

S3 Operations and Training Military staff function. Called G3 at higher echelons. S4 Logistics Military staff function. Called G4 at higher echelons. S5 Civil-Military Operations Military staff function. Called G5 at higher echelons. S6 Signal Operations Military staff function. Called G6 at higher echelons.

Signs and symptoms, allergies, medications, pertinent past medical history, last oral intake and events leading up to the medical intervention event. A sister company of Wal-Mart. In the US, a SAR is a secret filing, triggered by any financial activity the government deems unusual.

The software that is typically used to control power and water utility switching and valve hardware. Used by firemen and Hazmat teams. Full offense intended to Senator Charles Schumer, a scum-sucking ultra-liberal hoplophobe. Also called a Thyristor. Also included are seaports, locks and dams.

These may be hit at once by the first missiles or struck by the bombers that will follow. Depending on context, Special Forces or San Francisco. SFG Depending on context: There was a verb, to shank or to shank it, meaning to go on foot. This is from standard English shank for the part of the leg from the knee to the ankle, which comes from Old English sceanca, the leg bone.

It was a wry joke: This supposed link with a person called Shank explains why the first word is often capitalized. In the context of foods: The period of time that a processed food can be stored before changes in color, flavor, texture or the number of micro-organisms make it unacceptable.

In the contexts of nonreversible consumer batteries: The superb Swiss gun maker. Professionally graded and encapsulated numismatic coins. As originally issued, the SKS had a 10 round top-fed fixed magazine.

Refers to both the stock price index and also the credit rating agency. SLLS Stop, look, listen, and smell. Sympoms of organophosphate poisoning. Scales for evaluating disasters. Also sometimes derisuvely called the Southern Preposterous Lie Center.

Spec Depending on context, Specification s or Speculation. The latter is often used to describe investment houses or land bought in a rising market.

SpO2 Blood oxygen saturation. A squib load typically lodges a bullet only halfway down the barrel. This is a rare but dangerous occurrence. A class of controversial anti-deprrssant drugs. Starlight Staph Short for Staphylococcus Starlight An electronic light amplification technology that was first developed during the Vietnam War. A Starlight device literally amplifies low ambient light by up to , times, turning nighttime darkness into daylight—albeit a green and fuzzy view.

Starlight is also the name brand of a manufacturer of heavy-duty Mil-Spec gun cases. So named because the design of the cases resembles that of cases used for Starlight scopes and goggles.

Steyr An Austrian gun manufacturer. Their Steyr Daimler-Puch division also makes military off-road vehicles. Strep Short for Streptococcus. A hybrid instrument that combines a bond or loan with a derivative. A traditional structured note is a call bond.

Sub-cu Short for subcutaneous drug injection. Sulfation The formation of lead-sulfate crystals on the plates of a lead-acid battery, which decreases battery capacity by impeding the opportunity for chemical reaction within a cell. It can be caused by leaving the battery in a discharged state for long periods of time. Suppressor A device for muffling the sound of a firearms discharge.

There are also additional state-enacted restrictions on suppressors in many states, such as California and Washington. Readers are strongly advised not to purchase or construct an unregistered suppressor.

The risk of doing so is the loss of you gun ownership and voting rights for life, and many year behind bars. Keep in mind that purchasing a registered suppressor will raise your profile, both locally since it will be your local sheriff or chief of police that will sign off on your license and at the Federal level.

So you need to carefully weigh the risks versus benefits of doing so. Proceed down that path only after considerable thought and prayer. Sure-Fire A popular American brand of sturdy flashlights and electro-optics, often with weapons mounts. This allows them to carry ATVs and motorcycles. Survivalist One who prepares for potential bad times.

Swap An agreement to swap the net value of two series of obligations or payments in which one payment is usually based on a fixed interest rate and the other is based on a variable interest rate. Or, for example, an interest rate in another currency, the total rate of return of a security or index, or a commodity price. An Army Reserv eorganization in many British Commonweatlh nations. Military hard wire field telephones. They have been superceded by DNVTs.

TA The standard issue U. Army field gear backpack, web gear, tentage, boots, and fatigue uniforms for active duty and reserve forces soldiers in Troop Program Units. Tactical Advance to Battle. Tacrame Items made with woven parachute cord. A blending of the words Tactical and Macrame. A term coined in Rhodesia, based on the British Commonwealth football term. The bank bailout portion of the Mother of All Bailouts. Short-term debt obligations of the U.

First aid course for soldiers, taught by the US Army. Threats against these targets could also be used following the initial attacks to force our leadership to capitulate.

No longer available on-line. Typically water tanks, concrete, bricks, or tiles. Thermite A mixture of aluminum powder and iron rust, that when ignited causes a vigorous exothermic reaction. Used primarily for welding. Also used by military units as an incendiary for destroying equipment. TIC Troops in Contact. A yellow crystalline compound. Arm Chair Commando and Mall Ninja. Topo Slang contraction for topographic map. T-Post The ubiquitous steel posts used in in North Amrica used for suspending barbed wire and woven wire livestocks fences.

Typically made in 6-, 8-, and foot lengths. Usually driven with a weighted piece of steel tubing. Depending on the latitude and season. Tranny Slang for transmission.

TREE Transient radiation effects on electronics. Trijicon A maker of Tritium-lit sights and rifle scopes. Tritium A glowing radioactive gas a hydrogen isotope with an The mountain that adjoins the back property line of the Rawles Ranch.

The river that runs through the back end of the Rawles Ranch. The Mountain range that surrounds the Rawles Ranch. The town closest to the Rawles Ranch. Tzedakah Hebrew for Charity and Tithing Law.

Agreements such as these announced today demonstrate our expanding market traction and ability to penetrate a growing number of vertical sectors. Fulfillment of these orders will enable the Providers to offer xMax wireless voice and advanced broadband equipment and services to their customers. While the previous orders were received from firms focused on the rural telecom and homeland security markets, the Providers placing the new purchase commitments provide wireless communications to a variety of sectors.

PMC Associates brings together over years of combined industry experience to specialize in two-way radio communications for federal, state and local public safety agencies, transportation, schools, utilities, as well as business and industry. January 14, xG Technology, Inc. These established Providers add to the growing ecosystem of industry participants that xG is assembling to bring xMax solutions to multiple vertical markets.

It looks like the Care21 deal has hit a snag. Mulledwine, great re-posts of xG's ridiculous press releases. Despite your re-posts xG is still a scam. I'm sorry I have to tell you that but you seem to be kind of retarded. Purchase of exclusive right to deploy xMax in Miami and Fort Lauderdale markets xG, the developer of a portfolio of wireless communications technologies, including cognitive radio networks, is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into an agreement the "Market Agreement" with Care21 Limited "Care21" granting exclusivity for the deployment of xMax, the Company's wireless cognitive cellular network system, in the Broward and Miami-Dade Counties of Florida, United States the "Territory".

The Fee is payable in stage payments over the next 19 months as set out below: The investor group has extensive experience of operating and investing in the telecoms sector, particularly in network infrastructure solutions. The Market Agreement grants Care21 exclusive use of xG's xMax technology in all fields of use within the Territory, other than in the military market, utilizing the free, unlicensed MHz and 5,,MHz bands.

Pursuant to the Market Agreement, Care21 has the option whether to deploy and operate an xMax network within the Territory. XGTU, "xG" or the "Company" , the developer of a broad portfolio of wireless communications technology, including cognitive radio networks, and SNA, which represents 34 independent security companies serving over , residential and business customers in the United States, is pleased to announce that they have signed an MoU that will enable SNA to roll out and evaluate xG's xMax wireless networks in selected SNA territories.

Collectively, SNA member companies represent the nation's fourth largest security company. Like many other industries, wireless technology is playing an increasing role in our business strategy," said David Carter, SNA Managing Director.

We look forward to working with xG to strengthen SNA member businesses. These partnerships assure customers are afforded not only the latest in security technology, but also the backing of some of the most recognized names in the industry.

SNA continually searches for and tests innovative products and technologies to add to its customer offerings. Increased MoU and purchase order activity from companies in a number of market verticals is being driven by xMax's ability to demonstrate significant benefits to their customers and businesses.

Although the Company did not record revenues for the year ended 31 December This was mainly attributable to the following charges: Late in , xG entered into negotiations with Treco to reacquire the rights to deploy infrastructure in the United States.

While this resulted in a charge against earnings, it sets the stage for xG to take full advantage of opportunities and financial benefits resulting from future xMax revenues.

The Company considered the possibility of capitalizing those rights, but chose to take a more conservative approach and write it off as an expense in the income statement. Management believes those rights to be a substantial continuing and future value to xG. In addition, the Company identified certain development costs that might not generate sufficient economic benefits, due to an evolution of product strategy.

Having established itself as a leading provider of cognitive wireless technology, xG is well-placed to capitalise on trends that are driving the industry today.

We are convinced that the Company is in an excellent position to build on the accomplishments of the past year and derive additional value from our intellectual property and growing market presence.

We look forward to reporting to our shareholders on our progress and achievements over the next year and beyond. XGT, "xG" or the "Company" , the developer of a broad portfolio of wireless communications technologies, including cognitive radio networks, announces its audited results for the year ended 31 December Under the terms of the contract, xG installed a comprehensive xMax network solution consisting of several xMax BSN base stations, an xMSC mobile switching centre and trial TX70 handsets to allow the Army to utilize and evaluate xMax's capabilities as an on-base and tactical cellular system.

This brings to four the number of xMax networks operating in the field: The contract calls for WDC to build xMax cognitive cellular technology into their products, including their widely deployed ComCase product line, for military and first responder markets. In return, WDC will pay a royalty to xG. Coleman as Chief Executive Officer of the Company. His extensive experience and background is playing a key role in helping xG develop and market its intellectual property, product and technology portfolios.

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