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Is there a way in German to ask how someone is where 'they' you is in the nominative or accusative?

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Nobody else will have it, because it is only available here. So try your luck today and maybe you have your shirt at the end of the week. I am confused to why we can't just say: Aren't you the subject when I am asking? Scientized 2 3 7. The phrase "Wie geht es dir? How are things going for you? Martin Schwehla 4, 7 I would like to further my understanding in this.

Is there a way in German to ask how someone is where 'they' you is in the nominative or accusative? A very formal alternative would be "Wie ist Ihr Befinden? Mapper Feb 26 '15 at With that said, I don't consider it strange at all that YOU is neither the subject nor the direct object. Just think about colloquial questions such as "What is wrong with you? Looking more closely, of course, these questions actually ask about a perceived problem related to the addressee - just as "Wie geht es dir?

Es geht mir gut. So how would I say: How are you going? For example, "I am going to the store with my car. How are you going there? For example, "Wie gehst fährst du dorthin"?

Related Questions What does "wie geht es dir? Why is it funny when you reply with "ich bin gut" to "wie geht's" in German? What is the proper German reply to Wie gehts?

German Language - The word "geht. What does the question "Wie was war? Answer Questions Has any of you ever mocked someone in Chinese or something and accidentally said something in their language?

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