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Tallinex affiliate program review Tallinex Limited is a Forex broker operating from St. Vincent and the Grenadines since Well, that does not sound attractive at the first hearing, but they have very good reputation in the Forex market.

Over our time with EasyMarkets, we have seen 3-fold increases in revenue generated online which we attribute to attractive affiliate offers, engaged account management, and professionalism. After that you can cash the money out following the broker's general withdrawal rules. Anyway, in both cases revenue sharing can be extremely lucrative for affiliates because some traders make lots of transactions and generate huge volumes resulting in high commissions. Prompt Payment Great commissions with swift payment and flexible solutions to suit your business model.


Earn money by being a forex affiliate. Home; We are speaking of partnership programs – forex affiliates, introducing brokers, etc. Ultimately, the goal of all of them is the same: to bring more customers to the brokers, and to get rewarded for that.

The funders of this website have a deep understanding of how the forex affiliate market works, how to promote forex and get maximum results for your efforts. We cover only the best forex affiliate programs. Our affiliate program reviews are given by affiliates with in-depth experience.

There are many great affiliate programs in finance, but right now there are very few that can compete with this forex affiliate program. There are many others, but this one is the one that can truly make a difference in your affiliate earnings.

Want to learn more about the best affiliate programs? This year we asked our readers to vote for their favorite affiliate program in the Forex industry. If you are going to promote something, it needs to be something that pays well. When signing up with a new forex affiliate program you will get asked to choose between a CPA deal or a revenue share deal revshare. You want to make as much money as possible, but which of these two options is best? The average forex trader loses money.

The average forex affiliate earns money. Learn how to earn huge commissions within the shortest time possible. Get started for free now. Trading Forex is highly risky. Promoting Forex is not.

If you choose to trade, you better be good. While traders might lose all their money, brokers and affiliates are laughing all the way to the bank. Traders risk their own money, not so for affiliates. Before you engage in trading foreign exchange, please make yourself acquainted with its specifics and all the risks associated with it.

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Read our Privacy Policy. Now that we have mentioned rewards, let's take a look at the most common payment schemes: With revenue share payments the affiliate receives a certain percentage of the revenue the broker gets from the traders referred by the affiliate.

The trouble with revenue share payments is that affiliates don't see the revenue of the traders they have referred, so there is pretty much no transparency with that payment structure, allowing for the brokers to do whatever they feel like. Commission payment schemes are similar to the revenue share ones — but here affiliates get a fixed commission for each order placed by the trader, regardless of whether the trade brings the broker profit or not. When you sign up with a partnership program, brokers usually provide you additional materials to help you advertise them and attract more customers — banners, promotions, widgets, etc.

As we mentioned at the beginning, partnership programs are extremely popular on the spot forex market, therefore pretty much any broker offers one in one form or another. The program is quite convenient as a single registration gives the platform's partners access to 59 brokers and counting ZuluTrade adds new brokers on a regular basis. Once you make some profit as an affiliate, you can withdraw your money using the following payment methods: The one thing you should be aware is that it takes weeks for you to get your money, and you will probably be asked to submit a proof of address every time you cash out.

By enrolling, you will receive a link that directs you to your personal ZuluTrade page where AAAFx will appear as the only broker available. Keep in mind, however, that once you try to withdraw, you will be asked to submit proof of address even if you have already done so, and it will take up to 8 weeks to get your money. The fees and payment methods available are the same as ZuluTrade's. If you opt for the second, you will have a choice between revenue share and CPA payment schemes.

The broker's IB program is intended for financial trading companies, trading education providers, social networking companies, and money managers. Affiliates get paid once a month, usually within 15 days from the end of the previous month. Payments are generally processed quite quickly. One of the nastiest terms is the fact that eToro can change your payment scheme upon its discretion — so one day you're getting a revenue share, and the next one you're on a CPA scheme all of a sudden.

You haven't recruited at least 3 new traders for the past 3 months? Your agreement is canceled and you're no longer an affiliate. Your traders got bonuses? These get deducted from your payment right away. FxPro operates on a commission basis, and the payments depend on the currency pairs traded; affiliates get commissions of up to 0.

What's more, once you become an affiliate of this broker, you will be getting a great set of promotional and marketing tools — a free content management system, daily market news and videos, an economic calendar and widgets, reporting tools, etc.

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