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The season goes on till mid January when the scene shifts to Tiruvaiyaru, near Tanjore, where Thyagaraja Aradhana a week long music festival is held to celebrate the birth of one of the greatest Carnatic composers and one among the trinity of music - Thyagaraja. Information about the tickets and the venues can be had from the tourist office, Chennai.

The weather is cool and pleasant at this time of the year. November - December is the best season to visit the city. Now the music in the motion picture industry has emerged as an important entertainment platform in Chennai, over the years portraying the cultural changes, trends, aspirations and developments experienced by its people. Dance - Chennai is home to the distinct dance form - the Bharat Natyam.

Bharatanatyam is the celebration of the eternal universe through the celebration of the beauty of the body. This is done through its tenets of having a perfectly erect posture, a straight and pout curving stomach, a well rounded and proportionate body mass - to the body structure, very long hair and curvaceous hips. These tenets bring to life the philosophy of Natyashastra, Angikam bhuvanam yasya The body is your world. This is elaborated in the araimandi posture, wherein the performer assumes a half sitting position with the knees turned sideways, with a very erect posture.

In this fundamental posture of the Bharatanatyam dance, the distance between the head and the navel becomes equal to that between the earth and the navel.

In a similar way the distance between the outstretched right arm to the outstretched left arm becomes equal to the distance between the head and the feet, thus representing the Natyapurusha, the embodiment of life and creation.

Climate Edit Climate of Chennai is Tropical. Chennai is situated in the Thermal Equator zone which prevents extreme changes in temperature. It receives scanty rainfall from the south-west monsoon Jun-Sep while rest of India is lashed by heavy rains, but gets its bountiful rains from the north-east monsoon from October through December, thus amounting to about cm in of rainfall annually.

Rainfalls occur usually from October to December and dried up scrub lands bloom with greenery during this period. December to March is probably the best time to visit Chennai: Climate is humid pretty much throughout the year because the city is on the coast. Summers are very hot and humid. Be sure take along light not flimsy clothing.

Winter fashion has never been of any use in Chennai, wearing a sweater will leave you drenched in sweat in less than five minutes. Read Edit Books about Chennai. Muthiah Madras its Past and its Present by S. Muthiah At Home in Madras by S. Krishnaswamy Chasing Rainbows in Chennai. Almost all people speak Tamil, a classical language.

Picking up some knowledge of the local language is useful to get by in Chennai as in every city in the world. However, knowledge of English is sufficient for the average visitor to the city. English education is widespread in Chennai.

All educated people in Chennai can speak English while few understand simple English and can speak a few words. All important signboards are in English. All transactions with commercial establishments are in English. The English accent is different, there is a tendency to end sentences and words with - uh Eg: You are going there-ah.

Unlike other major cities in Northern India, Hindi is not widely understood. While there has been a significant increase in Hindi speakers in recent years, most locals will find it difficult to understand when you try to speak to them in Hindi.

You are better off speaking English than Hindi in most southern cities except Bangalore and Hyderabad. Those native to Chennai and its suburbs speak the language of Tamil with a characteristic accent.

Due to the proximity of the city to the State of Andhra Pradesh where the official language is Telugu and the presence of a sizable quasi Telugu speaking population in the city, there is heavy borrowing of Telugu words into the vocabulary of Chennai Tamil.

Chennai Tamil is popularly known as Madras Bashai. Another characteristic of Chennai Tamil is that the words are spoken fast, possibly in line with the fast-paced life in Chennai when compared with the rest of the state. Nevertheless, all educated people are taught standard Tamil in school, and standard Tamil is still used in more formal settings as well as in the news.

All international flights arrive at Anna Terminal, while the domestic flights arrive at Kamraj Terminal. The two terminals are on the same road and are m ft away from each other. It is in the process of being upgraded to a world class airport with direct Metro rail connection to the city. Europe and North America. Thai Airways offers nonstop service to Bangkok. AirAsia 4 connects passengers to Kuala Lumpur, Penang with affordable fares while Malaysia Airlines offers nonstop service to Malaysia.

Cathay Pacific flies non-stop to Hongkong. Air Mauritius flies non-stop to Mauritius. Air Austral flies non-stop twice a week to Reunion. Air Seychelles flies nonstop to Seychelles. Nonstop services are available from Chennai to Abu Dhabi. Chennai is the traveling hub for Colombo. Paramount Airways is a low cost all business class airline that offers flights from Chennai to points in South India.

Chennai is also a staging point for flights to Port Blair in the Andaman Islands. Airport to City connection Edit The cheapest way to the city is by taking the suburban train into the city which only costs 5 0. The suburban train connects you to Chennai Park and Egmore, the two main passenger train stations. Note this train does not go through Chennai Central station but Chennai Park station is within the walking distance.

This is best if you dont have large amounts of baggage. You have to exit the airport and walk a considerable distance m to reach the station Tirusulam. Tickets bought dont have to be validated but save the ticket in case there is an inspection. It is advisable to take a first class ticket in the train if you happen to reach the airport during peak hours. The general compartments are often over-crowded as they transport regular commuters to work.

In peak hours even the first class compartments may also be crowded. Tickets are priced around 70 1. The Chennai metro is also now connected to the airport and the airport metro station is just outside the exit, after crossing the taxi parking. Currently this blue line is operational only till Little Mount, halfway to the city center.

However, you can interchange at Alandur for the Green line, to go to either St. Otherwise, use the pre-paid taxi booth. Aviation Express is massively overpriced. Using the pre-paid taxi to get to the city, each terminal has several booths for several taxi companies when you exit the airport, outside before you meet the crowd. The fares are different for the domestic and international terminals though the terminals are next to each other. You can either choose the standard Taxis Black with Yellow tops which are usually the ancient Ambassador cars or the private call-taxi which can come in any model and in any color.

As in any Indian airport, you will be immediately haggled for transportation with promised offerings of the best price. A firm No should make them lose interest, ignore them if they continue harassing you. Its better to keep small change in hand while paying at the counters. Note the taxi number written on your charge slip one copy is for the passenger and the other is for the driver to collect the fare from the counter. Make your way to the taxi stand and get the taxi number allotted at the designated desk.

The helpful drivers offer to take your luggage and guide you to the taxi that drives up quickly near the allotment desk. Prepaid and yellow top taxis are not air-conditioned, are of vintages right from 70s and 80s, rickety, prone to stop midway, drivers exhibit rough behaviour, sometimes could be dangerous, demand exorbitant fares, pre-paid may mean nothing and they may demand more when you get down. Keep away from these types. Or know that you can always negotiate. Typical ride into the central part of Chennai cost around Rs.

Online aggregator like Uber and Ola are pretty comfortable and safe. The cars are new and air conditioned. Ahmedabad and virtually all other major Indian cities. Egmore has trains which cover all the places in Tamil Nadu and also a few important places outside it. These are two railway stations which serve the suburban areas of Chennai. Trains that connect Chennai to major hubs like Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi are usually booked out days in advance.

If you plan to travel by train, consider making an advance reservation, the reservation opens 60 days before the day of travel. The AC compartments in the trains are preferable for new travelers as the sleeper class and sitting class compartments are generally very crowded.

A 3-tier AC berth from Chennai to Bangalore or Coimbatore costs around and that to Delhi around including meals. Seven different state owned corporations drive buses to and from various destinations within South India. Connected to the Airport and the passenger train stations Chennai Central and Egmore by direct buses, it offers a cheap and spontaneous mode of travel. There are hourly buses for places like Tirupati.

Several private players also operate buses between most southern destinations. During the weekends most buses are fully occupied and its better to reserve a ticket in advance. Buses usually drop passengers at various points in the city before reaching the Terminus.

Feel free to ask the driver or fellow passengers the closest drop-off point to your destination. Always ask for the ticket and carry it until the end of your journey. Conning is very rare. Once in the city, its easy to get overcharged if you try to hire auto-rickshaws to get to your destination.

While the law requires drivers to use meters, enforcement isnt very effective. It would be more comfortable and hassle free to hire a cab for the duration of your stay, or figure out the city bus routes and the suburban trains schedule. By car Edit Chennai is very well connected and to other parts of India by road. With the progress of the Golden Quadrilateral project, driving down from Bangalore is an option too.

Indian drivers will have no problem fitting into the traffic but international drivers are strongly advised against driving in India. Rules are not really rules and lane switchings happen without any notice. Get around Edit Getting around the heart of Chennai city often takes time, due to traffic and heavy congestion, more so because of construction work in progress for Chennai Metro.

So it is advisable to plan your journey accordingly. Travelling within Chennai is not so cheap by Indian metropolitan standards, and are quite cheap by European and USA standards. As for foreigners, it is safe to wear a mask during traveling by motorcycles as pollution is bit of a concern. By train Edit Chennai has a suburban train 5 network. There are four routes: Chennai Central - Arakkonam. The suburban trains are generally reliable and fast but they were built more for practical purposes of commuting than connecting tourist attractions.

Unless you know your destination for sure, check with locals or information desks for the quickest way to reach your destination. The frequency of suburban trains is generally good and it is advisable to take a first class ticket during peak hours. Trains offer a reliable alternative to quickly reach your destination when compared to buses which might get trapped in traffic jams. The fare in Chennai suburban trains is the lowest in the country and you dont have to compromise comfort for the meagre amount that you pay as in other Indian metros.

The lowest second class train fare is Rs. Always keep your baggage safe when you are travelling in the suburban railway system. Chennai Central hub for north and west suburban lines is opposite to Park Town MRTS line and Park South Suburban line - These 3 stations make an interchange trio - the highest interchange between suburban lines happens in this zone. By bus Edit Metropolitan Transport Corporation MTC buses ply throughout the city accessing areas which are not accessed by the suburban trains.

These are government-run and extremely cheap. Chennai has few major termini from where the majority of the buses ply towards the rest of the city. Fare for deluxe bus is almost two times as compared to normal bus. For same route, deluxe and normal bus have same number but deluxe buses are being run targeting long distance journey since it will stop at major bus stops only. So if you find normal buses too crowded, take a deluxe one. Non AC deluxe also have power gates and better suspension which you wont find in normal bus.

If you have luggage with you, you might have to pay the cost of an extra person depending upon its size. A simple way of identifying the category of the bus is this: Nagar - Kanchipuram, etc.

If you are getting into a bus from Chennai central railway station you can either catch a bus just in front of railway station or you can take the subway to cross the road and get it from the bus stop in front of government hospital. While official site only provides stage wise info, others have more interactive interface which can ease your life specially if you are new to the city. Daily and weekly bus passes are available for tourists costing 50 or They can be used on normal and deluxe bus services on all routes within the city.

It is worthwhile to purchase the daily pass if you plan to visit more than a couple of sights in a day and it will save you from the trouble to maintain loose change.

The daily pass can be purchased on the first bus you board from the conductor, while the weekly and monthly passes are sold at all major terminus. Recently a hop-on hop-off tour bus has also been organized by the Government. The service covers many of the famous sights along the scenic East Coast Road up to Mahabalipuram. In fact many of them try to avoid using meter some try to overcharge and often drive rashly, but thats part of the fun of being in Chennai. They are happy to exploit foreigners and locals alike.

The advantage of being a local is that you know when youre being fleeced, and so youll know when to walk away and find another auto. The advise is to use auto-rickshaws with meters only. Roughly of drivers do use meters. So, If a particular driver doesnt agree - just go away and find another one.

Move m away from malls where touts concentrate. You will definitely succeed to catch a metered auto within during day time. Maybe the driver will ask Rs. The rates for auto-rickshaws in Chennai are the following July Often they tell times bigger charge. Even so, by Western standards, they are dirt cheap. Youll have no problem once the fare has been agreed and for short trips the Auto is a must. The upside is that autos are ubiquitous and possibly the easiest form of transportation to locate.

Use Auto-rickshaws only for short distances because they are uncomfortable. Try to find a rickshaw with a working meter. Dont take the first auto or take the first price, take a least quote and go to the second or third. Never leave anything behind when you leave. Negotiate a rate with the driver beforehand if he doesnt agree, just go to the next auto on the road there will always be others unless its very late or very early or you are in a remote area: Stick to the agreed price, though on many occasions the driver may attempt to ask for more.

Consult local friends beforehand to find out reasonable market prices for the distance you intend to go. Try to hail individual auto rickshaws in traffic which are heading in the general direction of your destination rather than hiring one parked in their stand as they may gang up to you. As a general rule, expect to pay about 10 to 15 for every kilometer 0.

You dont have to pay for any empty return trips that the auto-rickshaw driver has to make once you have agreed upon a fare. You tell them to go to a landmark near where you want to go, and upon reaching the landmark, ask them to go a little further along a particular road to your destination.

They might cite the extra distance travelled and ask for more money. So it is better to negotiate the fare upfront. If you pay them for petrol, make sure you pay them the remaining fare amount after subtracting petrol charges. Sometimes Airports and Railway Stations have a tariff chart.

Share autos have emerged in the recent years as an alternative mode of transport in Chennai. Likewise they are faster than the buses but slower than the autos. There are four wheelers known as meter taxis. They supplement the existing bus services and sometimes operate on routes based on popular demand. On a side note - if you are fascinated by the idea of going around in an auto, think about all those foreigners, who are riding an auto from Chennai to Mumbai.

A Chennai based event management company, Chennai Event Management Services, has been having these auto-rickshaw rallies from Chennai to Mumbai, or Kanyakumari, etc. By taxi Edit Taxis locally called call-taxis since they must be pre-arranged can be booked using phone or internet. Since there are so many listed in the phone book already and they are mostly reliable we dont list any.

They can be ordered air-conditioned and have digital fare meters, although time-based hire is also possible with some companies. Like in other major Indian cities, Uber and its local competitor Ola have pretty much run to the ground the traditional call taxis.

These cabs are a boon to a city known for its avaricious and rude autorickshaw drivers, and are probably the best way to get around as a tourist Alternatively, you can hire a cab for limited time or full-day for your travel reasons within the city for charges ranging between to depending upon the car model you choose and the time-duration for which you use the cab. If your trip is time-sensitive, it is recommended that you make the booking about 4 hours in advance and call shortly before your journey to confirm.

However, there is every possibility of you not getting one in spite of advance booking as they book without any planning and ditch the customers at the last minute. Other car rental companies available in chennai include GetMeCab7.

By car Edit It is generally not advisable for foreign travelers to drive on their own as they might be unaware of the traffic rules and congestion in the city. Negotiating the Indian traffic is not a part of standard driving lessons and can only be mastered by experience. The roads in Chennai are better maintained than the average Indian road.

Rush hour traffic may result in nasty jams. Chennai has three arterial roads: Foreign travelers should keep in mind that both diesel and petrol are used as fuel in India and it varies with the model of the car. Some cars have identical models with only a D badge to indicate diesel.

Make sure you find out what type of fuel the car uses from the rental company. See Edit Restaurants, watering holes and discotheques have been opening with increasing frequency and while the absolute numbers arent much, theyre more experimental than most Indian metros. While in Chennai one can drop into one of the following places. Areas Edit Georgetown in the north of the city is considered the oldest neighbourhood and is associated with the nearby port.

The whole area is an intense experience and a hive of commercial activity. Not too many tourists visit this part of the city, which is unfortunate because if Chennais heart is to be found anywhere, it is here.

This is where the Sowcarpet area is located, in addition to one of the citys most famous thoroughfares, Mint Street. Swimming should not be attempted there. There are no lifeguards and rescue equipment is not provided at any of these beaches. However there are beach police who ride on horses and keep an eye on the people and look out for any trouble. People should avoid wearing swimwear or similar attire in the city beaches as such clothing is not appropriate there and will attract stares.

Chennai has several well known beaches: Its width is up to m ft. The Marina of Madras is the second longest urban beach in the world. Along the shore, there are many buildings built during the British colonial rule. It is the most popular gathering place for locals, especially in the evenings and on weekends. It can also get very crowded at those times. The beach is relatively less crowded in the early mornings and more pleasant.

Walk along the Marina in the evening to cool off and eat crispy sundal boilt, spiced lentils , freshly caught fish and Murukku a type of dry noodles. Watching the sunrise from the beach is an experience by itself.

Its not a swimming beach, though you will see people fully clothed taking partial dips. It is also the night beach for Chennai youth. This beach is comparatively quieter and it is located near Besant Nagar. At the end of this beach are the Velankanni church and the Ashtalakshmi temple. Good roads, pavements, walking track illuminated sands, makes a visit to this beach a real pleasure.

It can get really crowded during the weekends as well. It is smaller and less popular than the Elliots beach. This beach is not as commercialized as the Elliots beach, and is hence more quiet and peaceful.

Evenings are very pleasant and with gentle breezy here, Lots of tourists are attracted towards this beach. It is less polluted and environment friendly. Those who look for a calm, cool and breezy place to relax, this beach is the best place in Chennai. Historical Places Edit Temples Edit Entry into the sanctum-sanctorum the innermost part of the temple of old temples maybe sometimes be restricted to foreigners because of the traditional beliefs that only a Hindu can enter the temples.

In rare instances, it is forcefully enforced. The best thing to do in such situations is to explore the surrounding structures which are equally fascinating. Kapaleeswarar Temple Kapaleeshwara , Mylapore, 9.

One of Chennais oldest and best-known temples, said to date to the 8th century, although the present structure dates to the s. Notable above all for its soaring, incredibly detailed 37m gopuram entrance gate. There is a large water tank behind the temple, used for the Thaipusam festival Jan-Feb , and plenty of flower shops all around. Within easy striking distance of the city centre. The temple also has an Arubathu Moovar festival in Mar and is known for the crowds and color.

It is dedicated to the god Shiva. This temple is located next to the Saidapet Railway station. This temple has a 7-storied Gopuram with two prakarams closed precincts of a temple.

It is believed that Lord Indra had come here to worship Lord Shiva to cure his curse. Special worships are done to Shiva on Pradosham days. This temple has a beautiful tank. The temple is heavily crowded on Pradhosham days. Annual ten day Brahmotsavam takes place in the Tamil month of Chithirai. During Chitirai thirvizha, people visit the temple in huge numbers and there will be a daily spiritual talk on Thiruvasagam about Lord shiva. The Parthasarathy Temple 10 at Tiruvallikkeni Triplicane as the Britishers called it, is considered be the oldest temple in the Chennai and origins date back to the 8th century AD, the reference of which has been made in the Vaishnavite works of the Alwar saints.

The existence of the Tiruvallikkeni village in referred in the Pallava records and before. The temple derived its name from the pond in front of the temple.

It was originally built by the Pallavas. The temple was renovated by later dynasties, the Chola and the Vijayanagar kingdom. The Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The name Parthasarathy has been derived from two Sanskrit words Partha and Sarathy.

The former word refers to Arjuna and the later means Charioteer. Its architecture is a combination of several temple building styles. There are inscriptions of the Pallavas, Cholas and the Vijayanagar kingdom on the temple structure. The temple besides being dedicated to Parthasarathy is also revered for Venkatakrishnaswami and to Ranganathar.

The temple, when it was built, housed five avataras of the deity Vishnu. Swami Vivekananda on his return from the west was requested by the devotees in Madras now Chennai to start a Math here. To fulfill their desire Swamiji sent his brother-disciple Swami Ramakrishnananda to Madras in March After reaching Madras, the first thing Swami Ramakrishnananda did was to set up a small shrine for Sri Ramakrishna at a rented house.

He lived there and led a life of renunciation, service and austerities. This is the oldest centre of the Ramakrishna Order in the South. It took five years for the project to take shape as the present grand Universal Temple.

Sri Ramakrishna Math completed hundred years of its service in The Math is regarded for its spiritual traditions, modern outlook, acceptance of all religions, service as the way of life. With its lushy green surroundings, the Universal Temple is the ideal spot for contemplation and meditation.

Thomas Basilica of the National Shrine of St. In the whole world, there are only three churches built over the tomb of an Apostle of Jesus Christ - the Basilica of Saint Peter built over the tomb of St. Thomas built over the tomb of St. Basilica of the National Shrine of St. Thomas is in Chennai, India.

The present National Shrine of St. After preaching on the West coast, he came to Chennai formerly Madras , and attained martyrdom on a hill at the outskirts of the city, today known as St. His body was buried on the spot over which the present Basilica stands. The shrine was restored in A valuable work of art kept in the Basilica is an ancient painting of Our Blessed Mother, in front of which the other great apostle of India, St.

Francis Xavier, used to pray. There are two new structures today: The Tomb Chapel below the Basilica and Museum cum theatre. The new underground chapel with a separate access outside the church structure, allows pilgrims to pray at the tomb and tourists to visit it, without disturbing the sacred functions in the church. The museum exhibits artifacts connected with St. Thomas and the Basilica, and the theatre is used for screening a short video on the life of the Apostle.

Marys Church, situated in the fort, is one of the oldest surviving churches built by the British in India. This is the first English church in India and the oldest Anglican church in the East. Given the precarious nature of the English presence in India at the time not to mention later attacks by the French and the locals , the church has a defensive stance - thick walls, castellated parapets and a well within the grounds - to withstand any bombardment or siege.

The church was consecrated on 28 October The tower was completed in the steeple added in and the tower was connected to the main body of the church in The first but equally famous wedding was that of Governor Elihu Yale who was to become the benefactor of Yale College to Catherine Himmers in November The interior of the church contains many fascinating plaques and monuments to early British India evoking past glories and lives full of achievement. The glass windows, wall frescos, teak plaques from the colonial times are still preserved.

Thomas, referred to as Didymus, in the Gospel of St. John is one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. He is one of the prime witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus. Thomas Mount is associated with St. Thomas, the apostle of Christ, who is believed to have been martyred here. History says years ago, a saint Parangi lived here parangi in Tamil language is used to refer to a white person. According to local myth, St. Thomas was one of the first Christians to reach India and to preach Christianity.

He is believed to have reached South India in AD 52, and spent the last years of his life in a cave on this hill. Tradition states that Thomas was assassinated by an arrow in AD 72, by persons hostile to him. Thus, the hillock acquired the name St.

Over time Anglo-Indians predominated in this area. A small relic-filled Church built in at the summit of the feet high St. At the northern foot of the mount, is a gateway of four impressive arches surmounted by a cross bearing the inscribed date A flight of steps leads up to the summit of the mount. There are fourteen stations of the cross erected on the way to the summit.

The Tamil Baptist Church in Kilpauk is worth a visit. It is a year old monument. Protestant Church which is more than years old edit St. One of the oldest churches in Chennai which was built by the British. Its also has a Anglo-Indian higher secondary school in the campus which has both boys and girls studying in the school and its famous for Producing High Standard Students with Capability of Speaking English as native speakers of the Language.

It is an imposing structure of symmetry and form of architectural magnificence with an imposing facade. The Mosque stands in extensive grounds, which are being used as a forum for religious and cultural activities. The magnificent grey granite structure is built without steel and wood. This architectural marvel is one of the important mosques in Chennai. The Nawabs descendants are still living in a mansion known as Amir Mahal. One distinctive feature of this mosque is that the chronogram engraved in stone and fixed on the inside of the western wall of the mosque is by a non-Muslim, Rajah Makkan Lal Khirad, a Persian and Arabic scholar of repute, who was the private secretary to the Nawab.

It may be mentioned in this regard that, as far as is known, no other mosque in the world has a chronogram composed by a non-Muslim. The Mosque has two minarets at the front. In this enclosure also are the tombs of the late Nawabs of the Carnatic, the Princess of Arcot and other eminent Muslim scholars and theologians. Memorials Edit Valluvar Kottam. Valluvar Kottam marks the memorial of one of the renowned poet and saint of the region, Tiruvalluvar.

The memorial is shaped like a temple chariot and is, in fact, the replica of the temple chariot in Thiruvarur. There is a feet high temple chariot structure with a life-size image of the poet in it. This chariot is a replica of the temple car of Thiruvarur in Tamil Nadu.

The monument stands as a massive auditorium and was open to public in the year Over 3, blocks of stone were used to create this memorial to Tamil culture. Valluvar Kottam has quite an extensive space. The auditorium at Valluvar Kottam is said to be the largest in Asia and can accommodate about people.

The auditorium is surrounded by granite pillars that have the inscriptions taken from the famous work of the poet. The epic Tiruvalluvar, written by the poet consists of verses, all of which are inscribed on the granite pillar.

The chapters of his famous work Thirukkural have been depicted in bas-relief in the front hall corridors of the chariot. It stands as a modern memorial to the great poet who represents the glorious culture of the Tamils.

Monuments Edit Fort St. George formerly known as White Town , is located on the banks of the Bay of Bengal. It was established as the East India Companys fortified foothold in Madras and it was from this small trading post or factory as it was then known that British influence spread throughout India.

The establishment of Fort St. George marked the birth of the new city that is Madras, in the year The fort was named after St George who is believed to have preached in the region.

One year later they built the fort as a commanding post in the region. With the increased trade activities of the East India Company the region soon developed into a popular trade and commerce centre. The British enjoyed supremacy in the region until , when the French attacked the fort and captured it. After three years, in the British regained power by signing a treaty with the French. In the meantime they fortified the base in order to repel the invasion of Hyder Ali and the French.

The fort is believed to be the first establishment of the British in India. The military architecture is interesting and holds great historical importance. There are a lot of interesting artifacts showcased in the museum. Apart from the museum, the southern division of the Archaeological Survey of India is located here. Today, Fort St George is famous for its exotic collection of books in the library and housing the legislative assembly in the secretariat building.

The fort in its present form looks more like a mansion, rather any fort. Various Government offices function inside this building, including the structure which used to be the residence of Robert Clive called the Clive House.

The tallest flag pole in the country can be seen here, its height is feet. The pole is now made of metal but was originally made entirely of teak wood. Children lt15 yr free, Indian Adults 5, Foreign Adults: It was constructed in for the troops. The architecture is classical Greek style and houses a lodge room on the first floor where Masonic meetings are held M-F Established in , the Government Museum of Chennai is one of the popular tourist destinations in the city.

It is a multi-purpose State Government Museum located in Egmore, which is in the heart of the city, spreading over an area of Six independent buildings in this Museum campus has 46 galleries. Childrens museum, Art gallery and various other interesting sections and galleries.

It is considered to be one of the oldest museums of India, since its inception dates back to the Colonial rule. There is history behind the origin of this Museum.

Chennai Government Museum was handed down with a sprawling complex and the presently maintained by the State Government. He named it after the former Governor, Lord Connenmara. The museum was designed by H. Irvin, the consulting architect of the Government of Madras.

The Government Museum has a splendid hall, marvelous reading room and striking Teak wood shelf and stands divided into a number of sections.

Note that parts of the museum are often closed. A free guide service is available at This magnificent red sandstone building was designed by Henry Irwin and built by T.

The building represents a typical Indo-Saracenic structure and was initially famous as the Victoria Memorial Hall. Built with sandstone and adorned with motifs, the building bears impressions of Mughal architecture. It is this architecture, not just the gallery collections that make it worth a visit.

The gallery exhibits medieval handicrafts, sculptures, metal ware and paintings belonging to various schools of art and eras. The gallerys collections are displayed in four different sections: The Tanjore paintings on glass are wonderful. The miniature paintings from Rajput and Mughal eras are fascinating too. The handicrafts that are displayed belong to the 11th and 12th century Indian handicraft period.

The top floor, closed in May , offered additional galleries. Adjoining the planetarium is a Periyar Science and Technology Museum which will be of interest to students and other science scholars. Built in memory of B. Birla, the well known industrialist and visionary, the Planetarium is considered to be the most modern in the country.

The Science and Technology Centre is open daily except national holidays. In English at Noon, Tamil Miscellaneous Edit Integral Coach Factory.

Check the website for directions as the the auto-rickshaw drivers have never heard of it. Annadurai, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu state from to was moved to Vandalur a former game reserve frequented by governors of colonial Madras on the outskirts of Chennai city in owing to lack of space in the congested heart of the city.

Today, the zoo is one of the biggest in South Asia housing more than species of mammals, birds and reptiles. Lion safari vehicles, elephant rides, battery operated vehicles are some of the facilities available.

The peak time is during Pongal and weekend holidays. The animals are usually housed in their natural settings. The current park area stands close to hectares.

Guindy Park happens to be almost certainly the smallest national park in the country and the only park within the city suburbs of India. The park is inhabited by more than 20 species of trees, about 14 varieties of shrubs and more than 14 species of woodland mammals. Guindy National Park The place also houses many species of rare birds and amphibians. The park is also home to many reptile and amphibian species.

JULY only childrens park and snake park open. Visits to the National park proper are only allowed with park ranger and the gate is locked. Rs 15, Free below 10 years, 11 to above Rs 5, School Children age from government and aided schools Rs 2, children from private schools age Rs 10, still camera Rs 10, video camera Rs Founded by one of the prominent wildlife conservationist Romulus Whitaker.

The park houses a number of snake species, lizards, crocodiles and turtles. The park breeds more than 30 species of Indian snakes. In addition to the snakes the park also breeds species of lizards, crocodiles and turtles. The museum in the park premises contains preserved specimens of many reptiles and amphibians. Dinakaran Salai, Raja Annamalaipuram, Chennai - This park maintained by the Chennai Rivers Restoration Trust is the only prominent eco park located within Chennai city limits.

Measuring a total of acres, the park covers the estuary of the Adyar river known for its fragile ecosystem. The estuary was restored in various phases starting from and recently opened for guided public tours. However, prior online booking is necessary in order to visit the park through the Chennai Rivers Restoration Trust website. A maximum of 20 visitors are allowed each day. The eco park is popular among bird-watchers as various species of pelicans, herons, storks and butterflies are found here.

The park areas houses about endemic species of flowering plants. Sculptures of dinosaurs and various animals carved out of naturally available stone are found within the park. Being able to retain water throughout the year, it forms an aquatic ecosystem.

The marsh acts as a home for many endangered and as a breeding ground for thousands of migratory birds which makes it an ideal place for bird watching. A conservation project is afoot to spruce up the area and build an observation center for visitors convenience.

There have been walks conducted in the marsh by the societies like Madras Naturalists Society Contact them to find out about their events.

Nanmangalam Reserve Forest is a protected area between Velachery and Tambaram. According to reports, it is home to 85 different species of birds and some rare territorial orchids. Similar to the above marsh, there are no regularly conducted walks, but some photography societies and nature societies organise walks once in a while.

Do Edit Visit the international headquarters of the Theosophical Society situated at Adyar in the southern part of Chennai. The Adyar Library 20 situated in the societys campus has one the largest collection of Tibetan manuscripts with over 20, palm leaf folios. For nature-lovers, a stroll through the vast and biologically rich Theosophical Society Gardens is a must.

One of the curiosities is a year old banyan tree. Go for a ride along Kamarajar Salai. The road is dotted with some of the finest specimens of Indo-Saracenic and art deco architecture such as the University of Madras buildings, Chepauk Palace, Vivekanandar Illam, Queen Marys College, Presidency College and the Chennai police headquarters. Pope and Bishop Robert Caldwell. Can be contacted for custom trips if visiting on a non-tour day. South India has contributed numerous dishes to the world Therefore it is imperative to explore Chennai - the hub of South India - through the gastronomic lens.

Chennai Food Tours offer a number of tours - street food, food history tour very unique , kebab tour - all with the mindset of exploring. Nizhal has conducted tree walks to acquaint citizens with the trees around them.

Through its tree walks Nizhal has hoped to sensitize citizens to the role played by trees in the environment, the challenges they face and how they can be protected. Walks have also served as forums where tree lovers can network with each other. A lot of cleaning operations, blood donation and photography camps are also organized by CTC. Membership is free and costs are shared equally. The season features Carnatic music concerts, dance programmes, operas, plays and magic shows.

The , and editions had more than stalls and over one million visitors. Debates, prize distributions, lectures and film screenings are also held at the venue. The celebrations usually comprise of heritage walks, exhibitions, lectures, nature and tree walks, book and postage cover releases and film screenings. Though the celebrations typically last a week, the and editions extended through August and into September as well. The festival typically comprises of group discussions and lectures and The Hindu Lit for Life award is given at the end of each festival.

Music and Dance Edit Chennai has a lot of Carnatic music Sabhas loosely translates to concert house where concerts are held during the Madras Music season. You will see mostly older celebrities, although occasionally there will be some world-class young virtuosos. The Music Academy Road, Chennai - Music and Bharatanatyam dance concerts throughout the year at 6: Brahma Gana Sabha Sivagami Pethachi Auditorium, M.

Kartik Fine Arts Nalli Gana Vihar, Maharajapuram Santhanam Road, T. More dance forms are now encouraged and taught like Kuchipudi Traditional dance form from Andhra Pradesh , Mohini Attam. Some other dances like Odissi Manipuri can be found, but are rarer. Cinema Edit When in Chennai, do not miss a chance to watch a movie. Make sure to book your tickets in advance especially in the weekend, because most of the cinemas will be sold out.

Chennai also provides best cinematic experience at lowest cost Rs. There are several cinemas in the city. Check out any local newspaper or websites to get to know the movies running in and around Chennai. Some of the cinema halls are Udhayam Theatre. Ashok Pillar, Chennai Devi Cineplex. In the heart of Chennai on Anna Salai. The Cineplex is a huge complex and a great architectural beauty. Sathyam Cine Complex Thiru-vi-ka Rd, phone One of the best theaters.

Express Avenue, Royapettah, phone Inox Chennai Citi Centre, R. Salai Mayajaal Cine Complex Anna Salai Ega theatres Sangam Cine Complex in Kilpauk.

Ganga Theatre complex in Kolathur. Rakki Theatre in Ambattur. Sports Edit Chennai has been one of the prominent sporting location in India, with wide variety of sports played almost everywhere right from every street corners to big stadium matches.

Chidambaram Stadium Famously known as Chepauk Stadium Cricket by itself is a festival in India, every TV in the Mall is tuned to cricket during the match season and the whole city would be tuned in to the sport some way or another. Chennai is an international venue for cricket and is also a home ground for the Chennai super Kings a famous cricket team.

While in Chennai it might be interesting to catch a game and enjoy the electric spirit of Indian cricket. Close to Chepauk there are several sporting good store where you can buy good quality cricket equipments at low cost Chennai open is a prominent tennis tournament that happens around January every year, the event has attracted lot of high ranked players such as Rafael Nadal, Carlos Moy, Leader Paes.

The event is well organized with details published online including ticket sales. Learn Edit Chennai has dozens of different institutes of higher learning from arts to engineering.

Nungampaakam Sterling Road , 91 Indo-French cultural center and a place to learn French. Vedathri mahirishi Vision for wisdom , Learn Yoga free of cost. It has a few fine-dining restaurants and also one of the largest food courts in India. Spencer Plaza is the oldest shopping mall in India dating to the s.

The present building stands in place of an Gothic-style one which housed the Spencers, Asias first departmental store. The original was destroyed in a fire, and the current building dates back to One of the earliest shopping malls in India, it has slightly lost its charm with the arrival of swanky new malls, but it is still an excellent place to buy handicrafts, ethnic wear, Indian jewellery and books it houses the largest Landmark bookstore in Chennai.

Chennai Citi Center 54 10, Radhakrishnan Salai. Shoppers Stop 55 2, Harrington Road, Chetpet. This is one of the largest department stores in Chennai, and you can buy everything from clothes to shoes to books here. Ispahani Center Nungambakkam road. An early shopping centre - has a cafe, bar amp shops. It has been featured in many movies. A new shopping mall in Chennai with both western and Indian brands featuring in the shops.

It also has a food court and a boutique hotel. A new shopping mall in Chennai Located in velachery. Biggest mall in chennai, It houses Satyam Cinemas in the name of luxe cinemas will open 11 screens here which will also house Chennais first IMAX theatre. Chennais first Hardrock Cafe is soon to come up here.

A big shopping mall in vadapalani. It is the first mall in North Chennai. The mall is spread over an area of 1,60, sq. The Mall with a built up area of 1. Manche Wrungen gelten als ausgesprochene Rohstoffwrungen, also der australische und kanadische Dollar sowie der sdafrikanische Rand.

Diese Lnder frdern und exportieren unverhltnismig viele Rohstoffe. Mit dem Goldpreis steigt der Kurs des sdafrikanischen Rands. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Der auch CFDs anbietet. Sie hat auf einem Whrungspaar mit einem CFD gesetzt. Der Kapitaleinsatz ist hierbei gering, der Hebel sehr gro. Es gibt aber auch Diskountbroker, bei denen Sie gehebelte Knock-outs oder andere Optionenscheine einsetzen knnen. Das verbreitert das Handelsspektrum erheblich.

Bei diesem Broker kann man sich ein Konto einrichten, das mit etwas Kapital ausstatten oft gibt es hierfr keine Mindestanforderungen , meistens ein Demokonto einrichten und dann den ForexHandel auch virtuell zu Trainingszwecken wie auch mit Echtgeld beginnen.

CFD, Forex, Futures und Optionen unterliegen Kursvernderungen und sind gehebelte Finanzinstrumente mit erheblichen Verlustrisiken, die ihre Kontoeinlage berschreiten und unbegrenzt sein knnen. Die Produkte sind also nicht alle Investoren geeignet, weshalb Sie sich mit den Risiken und Spezifikationen vertraut machen mssen.

Jeder Anleger sollte sorgfltig und mithilfe externer Beratung prfen, ob diese Produkte fr es geeignet sind. Gewinne, die Sie in der Vergangenheit oder eine Testplattform gemacht haben, garantieren keine Gewinne in der Zukunft.

Diese Werbung stellt keine Anlageberatung dar. Und sehen Sie signifikante Candlestick-Muster auf Diagrammen. Wie viele Händler ein Währungspaar gekauft oder verkauft haben und wird am besten als konträrer Indikator verwendet, wenn die Märkte stark wachsen. Wählen Sie aus 60 Unterrichtsstunden, die eine Reihe von grundlegenden und erweiterten Themen umfassen: Echte, aktuelle Handelsbeispiele werden verwendet, um ihre Wirksamkeit zu maximieren.

Reiche Handelsfunktionalität, technische und fundamentale Marktanalyse, Kopiehandel und automatisierter Handel sind alle aufregenden Eigenschaften, denen Sie im Augenblick kostenlos Zugriff haben können MetaTrader 5 bietet eine breite Vielzahl von an Funktionen für den modernen Forex - und Devisenmarkt-Händler: Melden Sie sich jetzt an Diese Anwendung ermöglicht es Ihnen, direkt mit Brokers-Servern zu verbinden, Aktienkurse und Währungszitate zu erhalten, die Finanzmärkte anhand von Charts und technischen Indikatoren und Handel zu analysieren.

Alle diese spannenden Features können überall auf der Welt genutzt werden kostenlos Trading-Währungen und Aktien überall auf der Welt Eingebaute Marktanalyse-Tools: Alles was Sie brauchen ist eine Internetverbindung. Alles, was Sie tun müssen, ist nur zu schauen, ob dieses Chart-Muster bullish oder bearish ist, überprüfen Sie den allgemeinen Trend und entscheiden Sie Ihre Handelsposition. Sie können auf diese Liste der japanischen Kerzenständermuster verweisen, um den Signalwert des erkannten Musters schnell zu finden.

ShowAlert default true , wenn auf true gesetzt, zeigt die Warnungen, wenn ein bestimmtes Muster erkannt wird. UseExtraDigit default false set es auf true, wenn Ihr Broker zusätzliche Ziffer pip in den Anführungszeichen verwendet.

Andere Parameter ein-und ausschalten Anzeige von verschiedenen Mustern. Es ist nicht empfehlenswert, sie zu ändern. Zuerst sollten Sie verstehen, dass dieser Indikator nur die Muster anzeigt. Zweitens müssen Sie wissen, wie diese Muster arbeiten und wenn man Signale für kurze Position und Signale für lange. Für die erfahrenen japanischen Leuchter Muster Händler ist ein sehr hilfreiches Werkzeug, für viele andere Händler kann es sich als nutzlos.

Sie können 7zip-Software kostenlos herunterladen und verwenden 7-zip. Ignorieren Sie diese, wenn die Anwendung nicht gestartet wurde. Sie können eine Anzeige vor dem Herunterladen installieren. Die erste Wahl ist vorzuziehen, da es Ihnen helfen, die Indikatoren organisiert zu halten. Oder Sie können es manuell kompilieren. Doppelklicken Sie auf die Datei indicators.

Stellen Sie sicher, dass es angezeigt wird, klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche "Kompilieren" und sehen Sie, ob Fehlermeldungen in der unteren Registerkarte - Keine Fehler. Japanische Candlestick-Muster Heres die Liste der Muster, die es mit den entsprechenden Diagrammabbildungen und Signalbeschreibungen erkennen kann: Kann ein Ende der bullish Trend signalisieren.

Sollte durch andere Muster bestätigt werden. Je länger der Schatten ist, desto stärker ist das Signal. Wirkt als stärkere Trendwende. Fast das gleiche wie vorher, aber einige Händler halten es für ein stärkeres Signal.

Das Zwei-Kerzen-Muster beendet den zinsbullischen Trend. Beide Körper sollten lang genug sein. Kann ein Ende des bärischen Trends signalisieren. Das Zwei-Kerzen-Muster beendet den bärischen Trend. Zweite bullish Kerze sollte niedriger als erste Kerzen niedrig und sollte oberhalb der ersten hohen vollständig verschlingen sie zu öffnen. Alle gleitenden Mittelwerte, die gewöhnlich in der technischen Analyse verwendet werden, sind von Natur aus nacheilende Indikatoren.

Folglich sollten die Schlussfolgerungen aus der Anwendung eines gleitenden Durchschnitts auf ein bestimmtes Marktdiagramm eine Marktbewegung bestätigen oder ihre Stärke belegen. Sehr oft, bis eine gleitende durchschnittliche Indikatorlinie eine Änderung vorgenommen hat, um eine bedeutende Bewegung auf dem Markt zu reflektieren, ist der optimale Punkt des Markteintritts bereits vergangen.

Dies ist wünschenswert, wenn ein EMA verwendet wird, um ein Handelseintragungssignal abzuleiten. Wenn der Markt in einem starken und anhaltenden Aufwärtstrend ist. Wenn zum Beispiel die Preisaktion eines starken Aufwärtstrends beginnt, sich zu verflachen und umzukehren, wird die EMA-Rate der Änderung von einem Balken zum nächsten abnehmen, bis zu dem Zeitpunkt, zu dem die Indikatorlinie flacht und die Änderungsrate null ist. Wegen der nacheilenden Wirkung, von diesem Punkt, oder sogar ein paar Takte zuvor, sollte die Preisaktion bereits umgekehrt haben.

Daraus folgt, dass die Beobachtung einer konsequenten Abschwächung der Veränderungsrate der EMA selbst als Indikator genutzt werden könnte, der das Dilemma, das durch den nacheilenden Effekt von gleitenden Durchschnitten verursacht wird, weiter beheben könnte. Wilder entwickelte Trendfolgende Volatilitätsstopps auf der Grundlage des durchschnittlichen wahren Bereichs, der sich später zu durchschnittlichen True Range Trailing Stops entwickelte.

Stopps bewegen sich nach unten während eines Aufwärtstrend, wenn Average True Range erweitert. Ich bin unwohl damit: Stopps sollten sich nur in Richtung des Trends bewegen.

Der Stopp-und-Rückwärts-Mechanismus setzt voraus, dass Sie aus einer langen Position zu einer kurzen Position wechseln und umgekehrt. Allzu häufig werden Händler frühzeitig gestoppt, wenn sie einem Trend folgen und wieder in die gleiche Richtung wie ihre vorherigen Geschäfte gehen wollen. Durchschnittliche True Range Bands beheben diese Schwächen.

Stopps bewegen sich nur in Richtung des Trends und gehen nicht davon aus, dass sich der Trend umgekehrt hat, wenn der Kurs das Stoppniveau überschreitet. Signale werden für Ausgänge verwendet: Während unkonventionell, können die Bänder verwendet werden, um Einträge, wenn in Verbindung mit einem Trendfilter verwendet. Maus über Diagrammbeschriftungen, um Handelssignale anzuzeigen. Gehen Sie kurz S, wenn der Kurs unter dem Tage-exponentiellen gleitenden Durchschnitt und der unteren Bandexit X endet, wenn der Kurs oberhalb des oberen Bandes endet.

Es werden keine Longpositionen getätigt, wenn der Kurs unter dem Tage-exponentiellen gleitenden Durchschnitt liegt und keine Short-Positionen oberhalb des Tage-exponentiellen gleitenden Durchschnitts. Es gibt zwei Optionen: ATR Bands sind um den Schlusskurs geplottet. Bands sind in Bezug auf hohe und niedrige Preise, wie Kronleuchter Ausgänge aufgetragen.

Der normale Bereich ist 2, für sehr kurzfristig, bis 5 für langfristige Trades. Multiples unter 3 sind anfällig für whipsaws. Die ersten Indikatordaten bedeuten, dass, wenn Sie den gleitenden Durchschnitt in das ATR-Fenster ziehen, der gleitende Durchschnitt für den ersten Indikator gilt, der in diesem Fenster vorhanden ist.

Okay, einfach zu sein. Dann legen Sie MA 13 auf die vorherigen Indikatordaten an. Das Ergebnis ist sowohl MA 13 haben unterschiedliche Ergebnisse. Verstehst du meine Bedeutung Simple isnt it. Für den Anfang kann die Sicherheit, die Sie gerade auf den Dips gekauft oder kurz in Widerstand verkauft haben, weiter gehen und zwingt Ihre Position zu einem beträchtlichen Verlust, oder es kann einfach dort sammeln Staub sammeln, während Sie verpassen auf ein Dutzend anderer Trades.

Also, welche Fähigkeiten erforderlich sind, um zuverlässige Gewinne mit Pullback-Strategien zu buchen, wie aggressiv sollten diese Gewinne genommen werden und wie Sie zugeben, dass Sie falsch sind, ohne die Bank zu brechen für verwandte Themen, siehe Trading Chancen auf Short-Term Pullbacks Die meisten günstigen technischen Bedingungen für einen Rückzug, um auf einen Cent drehen, sobald Sie Risiko in die entgegengesetzte Richtung.

Zuerst müssen Sie einen starken Trend, so dass andere Pullback-Spieler werden direkt hinter Ihnen, bereit zu springen und machen Sie Ihre Idee zu einem zuverlässigen Gewinn.

Wertpapiere, die auf neue Höchststände anheben oder auf neue Tiefststände fallen, erfüllen diese Anforderung, nachdem sie weit über ein bemerkenswertes Ausbruchs - oder Ausfallniveau hinausgehen. Vertikale Aktion in einen Peak oder Trog ist auch für konsistente Gewinne, vor allem auf über-normales Volumen erforderlich, weil es schnelle Preisbewegung ermutigt, nachdem Sie positioniert werden.

Es ist auch am besten, wenn die Trendsicherheit dreht sich schnell nach Topping oder Talsohle, ohne den Aufbau einer beträchtlichen Konsolidierung oder Handelsspanne. Es Pausen für eine Woche und verkauft sich, so dass fast 50 der vorherigen Aufwärtstrend. Die Aktie setzt dann ihren starken Aufwärtstrend fort und druckt eine Reihe von mehrjährigen Höchstständen. Dieser Begriff bezeichnet enge Preiszonen, in denen mehrere Arten von Unterstützung oder Widerstand Linie bis zu einer raschen Umkehrung und eine starke Schub in Richtung der primären Trend begünstigt.

Die Chancen für eine Bounce oder Rollover erhöhen, wenn diese Zone ist eng komprimiert und verschiedene Arten von Unterstützung oder Widerstand Linie perfekt. Zum Beispiel ein Verkauf an einen Ausbruch durch horizontale Höhen, die auch mit einem Schlüssel Fibonacci Retracement und einem mittleren gleitenden Durchschnitt ausgerichtet. Trotzdem können Sie Pullbacks in weniger vorteilhaften Fällen durch Skalierung in widersprüchliche Preisniveaus eingeben.

Die Nachrichten veröffentlichen einen riesigen eintägigen Gewinn und geben so einem sofortigen Pullback, dass landet auf neue Unterstützung an der Spitze der Reihe, jetzt perfekt auf die 62 Fibonacci Retracement und Tage-EMA ausgerichtet. Der Bestand wendet sich auf einen Cent, springt über 15 zurück und setzt den Aufwärtstrend in einem langsameren Tempo fort.

Es druckt eine sechs Jahre hohe zwei Monate später. Chancenorientierte Profite nutzen Profitieren Sie nach dem Markteintritt oder dem Skalieren aggressiv. Pocketing Bargeld, während die Sicherheit verlorenen Boden zurückgewinnt. Lücken und kleine Handelsbereiche müssen auch für Counterwings beobachtet werden, weil Pullback-Spiele immer das Risiko des Druckens niedrigerer Hochs in Aufwärtstrends und höheren Tiefs im Abwärtstrend tragen. Ein zweites Retracement-Gitter, das über der Pullbackwelle platziert wird, unterstützt die Handelsverwaltung und greift natürliche Zonen auf, in denen der Abwärtstrend stehenbleiben oder umgekehrt.

Die Stierhammer-Umkehrung bei der 78,6-Rückverfolgung im Januar roter Kreis warnte, dass Leerverkäufer gezielt werden könnten, was einen schnellen Ausstieg für den Profitgewinn begünstigt. Zweitens geben Sie den perfekten Preis, aber die Gegenströmung geht weiter und brechen die logische Mathematik, dass Ihre Eingangssignale gesetzt.

Drittens, die Bounce oder Rollover geht unterwegs, aber dann abbricht, durch den Eintrittspreis, weil Ihre Risikomanagement-Strategie fehlgeschlagen. Der letzte Fall ist am einfachsten zu verwalten. Der Stopp, der bei der ersten Eingabe der Position benötigt wird, hängt direkt mit dem gewählten Preis zusammen. Wie Sie Erfahrung zu sammeln, werden Sie feststellen, dass viele Pullbacks logische Einträge auf mehreren Ebenen zeigen.

Je länger Sie warten und je tiefer es geht, ohne die Technik zu brechen, desto einfacher ist es, nur ein paar Zecken oder Cents hinter einer signifikanten Kreuzverifikationsebene zu stoppen. Der Vorrat springt gerade unter Unterstützung, Zeichnung in der Eintauchenkäufer aber die Wiederaufnahmewellenstände, Auslösen eines ausgefallenen Ausbrechens. Breakouts und Pannen gehen oft auf Streitigkeiten zurück, testen neue Unterstützung oder Widerstand, nachdem die anfängliche Trendwelle aus Dampf heraus läuft.

Natürlich ist die Aufdeckung einer starken Tendenz nicht so einfach von Anfang an, bevor eine anständige Anzahl von Bars haben gezeigt, Trends hoch und niedrig. Und weil für Pullbacks passieren müssen Sie tatsächlich eine relativ starke bewegen, werden Sie wahrscheinlich sehen die rentable Pullbacks in einem starken Trend in Frage für mindestens ein oder zwei Stunden nach dem Trend begonnen hat.

Das profitabelste Setup ist ein zweibeiniges Pullback zum gleitenden Durchschnitt. Hier ist ein Beispiel. Wie Sie auf dem Screenshot sehen können, war der Markt in einem Bereich gebunden, nach dem es bildete bullish Treppe, die einen aufsteigenden Kanal gebildet.

Wie Sie bereits aus unserem Artikel Wide Channel Trends wissen, bedeutet das Treppenmuster einen bescheidenen Trend, der jedoch manchmal wie in unserem Fall beschleunigen kann. Der Markt beschleunigte sich auf eine neue Sitzung hoch bei 1.

Gefolgt von einem kleinen Pullback, der eigentlich ein Innen-Innen-Muster war. Der Preis zog dann zurück zu dem gleitenden Durchschnitt und überschritt sogar die Trendlinie bei 3. Das war, was viele Händler gewartet hatte. Es gab mehrere Wiederholungen der Trendlinie, gefolgt von einer Beschleunigung zu einem neuen Extrem bei 4 und einer späteren Konsolidierung.

Verbinden Sie die Partei Wie wirve sagte in dem Artikel Trend Trading Guidelines , wenn ein starker Trend in Bewegung ist, müssen Händler don 't warten, bis ein spezielles Setup, um den Markt, die sie kostet Zeit und verpasste Chancen und sollte eher hop An jedem Punkt, und besonders auf Pullbacks. Dies führt jedoch das Risiko ein, Ihren Schwungteil zu verlieren, wenn ein tieferer Pullback Ihren brechenden Stopverlust auslöst. Allerdings werden in den meisten Fällen die starken Trendverläufe so viel Geld verdienen, dass sie mehrfach die Verluste übersteigen, die durch gelegentliche Treffer von Break-even-Stopps verursacht werden.

Bei jedem neuen Pullback-Setup tragen Händler wieder den Kopfteilbereich ihrer Position ein, den sie zuvor eingesperrt hatten, und halten sie bis ihr nächstes Gewinnziel erreicht ist. Darüber hinaus gibt einige risikoreichere Händler nicht nur die Kopfhaut, um ihre Schaukel Teil, sondern eine ganze Position.

Später, wenn ihre Kopfhaut Profit getroffen wird, entfernen sie die Kopfhaut Abschnitt und so sind sie mit zwei Schaukel Teile links. Alternativ Abgesehen von gleitenden durchschnittlichen Pullbacks wird ein weiteres geeignetes Tendenteintrittssignal bereitgestellt, wenn der Preis versucht, durch Mikrotrendlinien zu brechen, aber scheitert, indem er einen High 1 in einem Bull-Trend oder einen Low 1 in einem Bären-Trend markiert.

Wie in dem Artikel Counting Bars beschrieben, um das Ende der Korrekturen zu erfassen, ist ein High 1 der erste Balken, dessen Höhe über dem vorherigen bars hoch ist, während einer Abwärtsbewegung in einem Bullen-Trend. Logischerweise ist ein Low 1 der erste Balken mit einem Tief unter dem Tief des vorhergehenden Balken während einer Aufwärtsbewegung in einem Bären-Trend.

Somit bedeutet die Bildung einer hohen 1 oder niedrigen 1 das Ende einer gegenläufigen Bewegung und erzeugt ein mit-Trend-Eingangssignal.

Auf dem folgenden Beispiel sehen Sie mehrere solcher Eingabeleisten, wobei der letzte einen Pullback-Eintrag von der Haupttrendlinie suggeriert. Gegründet im Jahr , Binary Tribune zielt auf die Bereitstellung ihrer Leser genaue und tatsächliche Finanznachrichten Berichterstattung. Unsere Website konzentriert sich auf wichtige Segmente in Finanzmärkten Aktien, Währungen und Rohstoffe und interaktive eingehende Erläuterung der wichtigsten wirtschaftlichen Ereignisse und Indikatoren.

Bevor Sie sich für den Devisenhandel entscheiden, sollten Sie sorgfältig Ihre Anlageziele, Erfahrung und Risikobereitschaft berücksichtigen. Wenn Sie unsere Website mit Ihrem Browser verlassen, um Cookies zu erlauben, stimmen Sie der Verwendung von Cookies zu, wie in unseren Datenschutzbestimmungen beschrieben. Kopieren Copyright mdash Binäre Tribüne. Chart Setup MetaTrader4 Indikatoren: Die Strategie kombiniert zwei wichtige technische Indikatoren, d.

Chart Setup MetaTrader4 Anzeigen: Die Strategie kombiniert zwei einfach zu handelnde Indikatoren bei der Bereitstellung genauer Signale zu verwenden. Die fakey Preis-Aktion besteht aus drei oder mehr Candlestick Preis Muster, beginnend mit dem inneren Balkenmuster nach einem falschen Ausbruch.

Die Trendlinien und werden gezogen, wobei der Punkt 0 für einen bullis - tischen Trend und einen bärischen Trend jeweils extrem hoch oder niedrig ist. Chartist neigen dazu, den Disparitätsindex als Werkzeug zu nutzen, um Signale der Trendstärke und die Wahrscheinlichkeit einer bevorstehenden Erschöpfung zu lokalisieren.

Die meisten meiner Trading ist der 4hr, 8hr und tägliche Charts getan. Die Preis-Action-Trading-Methode, die ich benutze ist sehr klar und einfach und etwas anderes kann sehr leicht lernen. Das geht einfach nicht. Ich habe diese Methode nicht erfunden und alles, was ich unterrichte, ist etwas, das ich von jemand anderem gelernt und perfektioniert habe, um mir selbst zu entsprechen. Ich bin eine sehr geradlinige und einfache Person und habe meine Handelstechnik angepasst, um das zu reflektieren.

Aus irgendeinem Grund die überwiegende Mehrheit der Händler Weg über komplizieren Handel und denken, sie müssen nur halten immer mehr und mehr und mehr. Es ist einfach nicht der Fall. Je mehr sie verlieren, je mehr sie denken, sie müssen hinzufügen, aber das Hinzufügen von mehr und mehr erhöht nicht die Rentabilität.

Halten Sie es einfach und beginnen Sie mit dem Lesen des Preises. Indikatoren sind aus alten Preisaktion Informationen, wo als Rohpreis gedruckt wird live auf Ihren Diagrammen gedruckt werden, wie Sie es live und das ist, warum Indikatoren lag und sind völlig nutzlos für den Händler, die wirklich verstehen, Preis-Aktion. Preis Action-Trading hat sich für eine lange Zeit und wird für eine lange Zeit zu kommen.

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