Berechnen forex margin level

Margin Level Calculator Margin level calculator is a valuable tool which can help you to determine the use of leverage for selected positions and understand the level of exposure on the account. Increased use of leverage may incur significant losses on the account.

As trade size increases your margin requirement will increase as well. July 11, at 3: Select the position's currency pair from the list.


The formula used to calculate the margin level is (Equity / Used Margin) x Use margin level in a sentence “ The margin level was an area of concern for me and I wanted to know the percentage value of it.

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You can manage you subscriptions by following the link in the footer of each email you will receive. Using margin in Forex trading is a new concept for many traders, and one that is often misunderstood. Margin is a good faith deposit that a trader puts up for collateral to hold open a position. More often than not margin gets confused as a fee to a trader. It is actually not a transaction cost, but a portion of your account equity set aside and allocated as a margin deposit.

When trading with margin it is important to remember that the amount of margin needed to hold open a position will ultimately be determined by trade size. As trade size increases your margin requirement will increase as well. Leverage is a byproduct of margin and allows an individual to control larger trade sizes.

Traders will use this tool as a way to magnify their returns. Therefore, it is important to understand that leverage needs to be controlled. Using leverages can have extreme effects on your accounts if it is not used properly. Trading larger lot sizes through leverage can ratchet up your gains, but ultimately can lead to larger losses if a trade moves against you.

Below we can see this concept in action by viewing a hypothetical trading scenario. Demo Weekly Contest Forex Contests. ForexCent Prince Forex Contests. From 10 to WebMoney. Deposit account Perfect Money. Deposit account Liberty Reserve. Margin Level Margin Level is the ratio of equity to use margin, expressed as a percentage. This level is calculated as follows: That is, Margin Level is calculated by dividing the current equity in the account at the current amount of used margin.

After dividing the equity on the margins, carried two decimal places to the right. The trader, using the equity in the Euros and Euros uses as margin, must divide to , which will result in 2. After the move to 2 decimal places to the right, the current margin level will be At the level of margin in one hundred percent, the trader uses margin initially available. When the level reaches a certain value set by the broker, any transactions entered into the trader will be closed to prevent further losses.

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