White Label Forex Brokerage

Sep 13,  · Most new brokers start as MT4 White Labels, the outside world can't tell if a broker is a White Label or a Full Server license holder. There are pretty significant ongoing costs for having a server license beyond the licensing fees.

NO setup and NO maintenance fees. Set stop loss and take profit orders while opening a new position. Connect your customers to new markets Our white label solutions provide your customers with access to new markets quickly and cost-effectively, under your own brand contact us. Subscribe and unsubscribe is quick and easy, syncing all the applications. Full technical analysis package.

Is the White Label Platform Free (yes for qualifying IBs)?

Sep 04,  · Organizations who want to promote or build their own brand in the Forex industry need a white label platform. Once you become a white label partner, you will have access to the same award-winning MT4 platform that most traders prefer, but it will be branded with your very own logo, company name and contact seobook2016.ga: Ray Rosales.

Start receiving trading signals from top traders on the go. It also allows you to access the social trading network from your desktop so you can manage your signal providers just few taps away.

The mobile app is designed with simplicity in mind to help our clients experience a new way of trading with ease. It is compatible with iPhone as well as android.

Social trading is a new way to trade in the forex market backed by ZulTrade. It adds ease to the traders by joining a trading company and growing your returns by copying the trades of the experienced traders. Take the indicated signal given by a signal provider, use your analyses or just rely on their experience and the past performances to make better and quick returns without making any big efforts.

If you have an account with any major liquidity provider, chances are that we are already connected to them. Dont Worry, TFX has a solution for you. Split you order based on time of the day, instrument or client. When a white label chooses this type of liquidity option, they can turn a profit by inching up the spread or charge their customer commission.

When it persists, there is no clash of interests as the broker will make the same amount of profit irrespective of the trades position taken by the client. In this case, the broker usually uses only the net positions and hedge the rest of the positions to save the cost of commissions to be paid to liquidity provider. Brokerages are managing the risk with keeping the B book by using risk tactics, such as hedging, variations in spread etc.

Thus, B-book allows to hedge the trades made during severe fluctuations and saves the broker from huge losses. The Risk Profiler is an automated risk management and order processing system.

It evaluates and analyses trader activity to identify traders fitting predefined profiles. When a trader matches a profile, his trader and account settings will be modified according to the given profile. Give graphical overview of pending market and entry orders. This tool helps broker in analyzing the one side risk associated in any instrument.

Allows broker to place orders on behalf of traders or manually control the margin call execution. Spread Customization We offer a unique set of services essential for creating a successful Forex trading firm in this dynamic industry.

Full control over spread customization on group level as well as account level, giving partner an edge in managing accounts settings with ease. Broker can dynamically customize account spared settings in live market condition without affecting other accounts settings. Bonus At Turnkey FX, we address each aspect of this complex forex business environment.

Our advanced back-office enables our partner to stay ahead of competitions. With our back-office, partners have access to easy bonus deposit with full control over how much percentage of bonus is losable or how much not. You can check and update the profiles of your client in case of any updating or making the changes in the data of the clients. In case of change in the charges of commissions and taxes we can directly update the client profile with the fresh charge.

We can check all the charges charged on monthly or daily basis to client as we can maintain the record of his transactions and trades. The daily statements of the clients can be managed and updated by the white label partners. Back office allows the white label to create an online account of the clients in a few easy steps.

Opening an account of the client on the browser and allowing the client to trade whenever he is registered. Creating the accounts and charging the clients according to the customized proposals prepared by the white labels to offer to his clients.

The basic and advanced form of the account opening in various aspects and establishing the field labels in priority basis and use the authority to open and allow the client to trade in various segments.

The computer software can work with or without the APIs. APIs are the interface which installs the data and further send the request to another source. The feed is given and without worrying about the internal details of the program the structured results are received. From automatic account opening to payment integration and from Risk profiling to daily reconciliation reports, we have it all covered.

In addition we will build your backoffice, risk management tools, integrate your payment gateways and integrate all the modules for a seamless operation. These liquidity bridges are then integrated into your risk management modules so you can dynamically manage your client exposure between your B-Book and STP.

TFX team will now spend next week training your employees for the respective modules of operations. One of the best thing of being in this business is the relationship we have with our clients and partners and the opportunity and privilege to help their organisation grow in terms of practice as well in terms of knowledge. It becomes so important to shift the power and create a new business deal for each and every business partner.

Trading on their software is amazing. Dynamically innovate your brand with the powerful and supportive back end systems. So lucky to work with them. How is having an FX business advantageous than opting for a White Label? We aggregate liquidity from over 16 banks So you get the best spreads. Co-located at the Top Facilities Across the Globe.

Suitable controls via FXVoyager Toolbar. Build, check and run automated strategies via ActFX. Multiple workspaces to organize your windows and adjusting the size of your spaces; switching between the workspaces using workspace tabs and buttons.

Drag and drop facility from one workspace to another workspace; grouping similar windows together and saving spaces. Selecting from several desktop profiles, or creating and saving your own. Checking all the important information about selected amount on account information toolbar.

Select one or more than one accounts to see the financial data and trade. You can view the rates on the dealing rates window. Creating objects on charts, then copying and pasting it on multiple charts according your requirements. Set stop loss and take profit orders while opening a new position. Trade with more precise lot size for risk management. Feed when and how much position you want to close.

Anonyms trading for the clients as the providers will not be able to see SL, Limit and Pending orders. Easy integration of expert advisor strategies. Hi I want to open an affiliate with Forex corporate. NO setup and NO maintenance fees. You will receive all the services you require to build your own brand.

IB's have to pay most of their profits through spread sharing back to other Prime Brokers. But FinPro allows you to retain most of the profits by asking you to become a Broker yourself. We hope to make Business with you.

Please do visit our page at http: I am looking for Introducing Brokers for making a business together. Let me know if you are interested. Dear sir, We engaged in Providing Forex white label and Forex Brokerage related software services Internationally offer to money managers, affiliates and Introducing brokers and the ability to control their own destiny relative to their business.

You can start your financial brokerage career with the benefits of our software services. There is no setup fee require. Our White Label solution allows the Partner to offer multiple trading systems xStation, xBinaries, xMobile, xTab, xStore and xSocial as an integrated and comprehensive trading solution which satisfies all trading requirements of the client.

Contact us if you need more details about our white label or visit us at www. I don't disagree with your comments. However, wouldn't it be possible for a white label broker to offer to its clients the same prices given to him by the primary broker no mark-up and earn revenue only from the primary broker through some form of revenue sharing arrangement? If that is possible, wouldn't that mean that the WL broker's revenue is actually sourced from the primary broker and not from the clients?

A Prime broker provides the technical side of the deal - everything needed to offer trading services e. White Label is expected to be more profitable, since there is usually more business commitment involved, which results in higher number of clients. If you want to only run a website as a IB and refer all clients to the Prime broker, then you don't need any license. If you want to register a company that's going to be involved in handling clients' money, then it's advised that you get a license.

I'm not aware of Malaysian laws and requirements for investment companies, but in general the practice is that you just need a company registration, while further licensing is not mandatory.

Correct, as long as you're not handling clients' funds, you don't need a license. It's a general rule, as I said, and I believe it applies to Malaysian businesses as well. You can double confirm it with http: The word "local license" means professional license right? Is it the same in Malaysia? In Lebanon you'll be looking to get information from Banque Du Liban http: Hi all I have read all the comments - but did not understand the subject well We want to open a brokerage firm in the state of Lebanon: Who can give us license to open our brokerage firm in Lebanon?

Is the Lebanese government?? Is there a company or organization is doing all the procedures? Is there a company or institution that these services on our behalf?

There is no such list of prime brokerage firms, but there is a good way to find them by checking the "years in business" factor.

Those brokers that have been in business for years are the highest potential candidates. In advance i want to thank for your help. As an experienced fx trader, I would like to set up a white label business to be able to offer an online financial trading platform to the clients. For this purpose, I am looking for the right primary brokerage firm. I have 3 questions as a start:. Most of the prime brokerage firms looking for "financial institutions" for their white label products.

Do I still need to get a licence in UK? I heard the name TeleTrade quite a few times, but surprisingly each time I wasn't able to find their website, until today TeleTrade-dj. The broker is not regulated, and there is very little to no regulation present in Russia, where the company was found. I haven't heard anything bad or good about them, but hope to hear some reviews as soon as we create a Review page for them here.

Sorry for not being able to help much with this question. I plan becoming an IB for TeleTrade - have you heard anything about them? I can't find them listed on your website I'm not familiar with Norway registration requirements though. At first, please check the regulatory body in Norway: The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway - www. I'm sure they'll also provide all necessary guides and references to run a Forex business in Norway.

This image developing or branding begins with the creation of your logos and graphic files required for submission to MetaQuotes for the customization of your trading platform.

These images must not only be in a specific graphical format, but they will also be in the face of all your clients, as they trade off your platform on a daily basis. That is why it is important that they make your company look like the quality operation it is. Our professional marketers and graphic designers can help you in this process if necessary, which includes logo development, customization of MT4 images, social media artwork, etc. Most of these services will be performed for you at no cost.

If you require extensive services, such as website creation, ongoing social media marketing, etc. I want to get on board! Where do I start? Simply fill out our IB form and provide us with some information so we can get you onto the next step. Partial vs Full White Label — Which one is right for you? Partial White Label — This is the most straightforward white label solution.

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