Kroatien valuta forex

Hos FOREX Bank kan du både veksle og kjøpe utenlandske valuta til gunstige kurser og avgifter.

I sugegst you to use a CC withdrawal cash service, in every country you go. However any Kuna you have in your pocket when you leave will not be worth much outside of the country so best to sell back to the bank during your last day. Some shops and resturants witl take Euros but you will lose on the exchange. Amys, the information, if your debit card can be used , and under what conditions fees on the ATM-s in Croatia can be given only by your bank, who issued the card to you. Tihi33 forum posts.

Kroatiens valuta - Kuna

Planerna gick i stöpet till följd av att andra världskriget brutit ut. År skapades den Oberoende staten Kroatien och kuna antogs som nationell valuta.

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