Hdfc forex plus karte funktioniert nicht

- Credit Card related - Mutual Fund - ERGO General Insurance Company.

Please take necessary action to credit my money back. They provide technical guidance and training if needed. SSC - Unable to fill the application for selection post Cant Log in to my Forex account Hi, I am unable to log into my account. I could get the cash and the amount is deducted from my account, How can I proceed further?

Consumer complaints and reviews about HDFC Forex Card

Are you a HDFC Bank Customer? Yes No If yes, please give us your A/C number: Customer ID.

Till now no communication from their side. The worst part is they put you on hold for 20 minutes when you call them and you end up spending 3 to 4 euros every time you call them. I am clueless about what has to be done and how I can get my money back. I recommend never to go with such bizarre service. Unable to chaange forex password Hi, I forgot my Forex multicurrency card internet password.

I tried to regenerating the password through online but it is not generating and also it is not throughing any error and it is just refreshing the page. Please help me on this ASAP. Cant Log in to my Forex account Hi, I am unable to log into my account. I am in USA right now and need to use my card urgently. All my transactions are being denied when i know i have balance in my forex account. The money was deducted from my card account but the vendor reported non-receipt due to refusal by the bank.

I talked to my abranch in India and was told to wait for a day and the transaction will be reversed and money will be back in my account. I waited but nothing happened. Since I was to return to India shortly thereafter, I completed the payment using a relative's card. After return to India I had bee continuously taking up the matter. There has been a chain of e-mails, lot of assurance by the bank but nothing happened. Ultimately my branch told me that the dept concerned has replied that the transaction has been completed and money paid to vendor.

When I demanded proof, the Bank Manager showed me the mail and to my utter surprise it was a transaction by some Korean for some other vendor. The Branch Manager refused to hand over the copy of. However, my online account showed a debit of USD I called up Bank of America ATM and they restarted the ATM basis the location we provided but asked me to speak to the bank and registered the complaint. I called up HDFC bank customer care and registered a complaint.

There has been no reversal of the amount. Can't Log-in to my Forex account online I can't seem to log in to my Forex account online. I have not forgotten my user name or password. Every time I try to log in it just won't respond to go to my account page. I am unsure of what to do and wish to check my account online. Fraud It came to my notice that 2 fraudulent transaction were done on my Forex card and the location of these transaction are more than miles from where I live, it was done sometime in midnight.

I have lodged a complaint with HDFC card team and my card has been blocked Complaint number for each transaction are. I am in a strange country with this being my only available card. I kept on waiting to have new card till 15th July As per process card needs to be issued in 7 working days.

Representative is saying that to have response on my complaint as well I need to wait for 7 working days. I kept on having long call at call center but there is very very pathetic response on this. I am in Sweden and waiting for this card since almost last 2 week. I need you to address this issue ASAP. But i could no longer use my Forex card here as it says declined everytime i use it. I could only use it for first two days. It has been working excellently and I have no complaints.

This was on 17th May I was making international calls here mind it. Could anyone tell me how I can raise a complaint.. The fore online banking does not allow that. The payment was declined by the merchant. Cannot reset username or password Cannot reset username or password. My user id is blocked. User interface is bad. Please help me to reset my password. The application for a new card was done on 10th of May. However to my horror, the card was never loaded and I was stranded badly in UK for those 2 weeks.

I had to borrow money from friends and somehow managed to survive. When I demanded full refund of my money, I was told this is not possible.

For no mistake of mine, I suffered badly while abroad and here again losing money. This is not acceptable. Can you please look into this and urgently get it fixed. Sincerely appreciate an urgent call on this to take the details. My Details Sanjeev Mahajan Return of Hotel Deposit on 24th May the hotel has reverted the deposit amount which not yet added back to my card.

Can you please tell me how many days will it take. This is purely an error from HDFC bank. I have submitted all the required proofs and following up for many days but no one is responding or helping to reversed my money.

I escalated to till Level 3 but no single email response from them. I guess they will earn interest in my money and enjoy for long days. ATM machine kept on rolling and finally 'Transaction Cancelled' came on the screen. Sometimes they say it will take 9 more days, 11 more days. Its very frustrating, I am in urgent need of money in this new Country. I haven't used the card since and I have forgotten the pin and User ID. The contact details that I had provided were of my previous Vodafone no.

So the message the site sends as I am not even getting my security question right is going to my previous no. I need my money ASAP. Please do not reply back to this e-mail. For any queries or clarifications E-mail us by visiting www.

Finally II'm planing to raise a cyber crime complain on this ATM Withdrawal failed but amount debited Hi. The ATM couldn't withdraw cash however, the amount was debited from my account. I am now stuck here with no money and I need urgent help. Hotel deposit return I had paid my hotel deposit from my forex card and the hotel processed my refund back in the forex card number. Would I get it back? And if not what can I do now. And if yes how long would it take? I could get the cash and the amount is deducted from my account, How can I proceed further?

The ATM showed it couldn't dispense money,and there was an error. I tried to withdraw money once more and now it said that I dont have sufficient balance I went back and found that my balance was deducted but I got no cash.

My account had been deducted by dollars.

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