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seobook2016.ga is the premier resource for all of your forex chart needs. Become a successful trader with the help of Forex charts. Experienced traders can rediscover some of the fascinating properties of forex trading charts.

Clear sell only under 1.

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Forex traders buy a currency pair if they think the exchange rate will rise and sell it if they think the opposite will happen. The Forex market remains open around the world for 24 hours a day with the exception of weekends.

Stochastic 55, 5, 3 is approaching its support at 7. From a technical point of view, a resistance breakout should trigger some rallies on intraday charts, let's see Thank you for support and trade with care! Stochastic 55, 5, 3 is approaching its support at 2. Stochastic 55,5,3 is also approaching support where we might see a Stochastic 89,5,3 is also approaching resistance and seeing a bearish divergence where we Ichimoku cloud is also showing signs of bearish pressure in line with On daily chart the trend is still bullish, and from a technical point of view, the pair could complete ABC structure around Analysis in the chart Good luck guys!

Feed back and comment in below for discussing, love all you and hope you like it! If you want buy then SL 1. Clear sell only under 1. Analysis in the chart Feed back and comment in below and we can discuss together! Thank and hope you like it!

Hey guys, welcome our my post, the analysis I draw detail in the chart, you can read and get it as reference to make decision. Thank for all and hope you like it! Sometimes need to close and reopen the app to get it shown in account currency. Reports statements doesnt work.

People want to review how they are doing and track history. Very limited improvement from the old app. You need some one who really trade fx to design the app. When People focus on one pair, they need to look at their own position, the current price and trend and be able to place trade on the same screen or within one click. They dont want to hit the back button so often to switch viewing what they wanted to see.

It is by far the worst charting platform I have ever seen. I do not feel comfortable trading my money on this app that I can barely even look at, let alone quickly trade. No pip value, everything lagging, no colors, just a ton of numbers splashed on a white page. Considering transferring all of my money somewhere that I can trade with ease.

Just switch it back to the system that had minor glitches and go back to work. This app offers some features that the previous app did not.

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