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Traders secret library F9D1 By // Samuel Adegoke Markets Traded – Forex, GBP/JPY and EUR/GBP Charts – Daily, 4 hour, 1 hour, 15 minute Charting Software – Any Indicators – 5 EMA, 10 EMA, 14 EMA, 21 EMA, 50 EMA Pre-Trading System Actions: The concept of this trading system is based on Exponential Moving Averages (EMA).

This means that the asset is oversold this moment and this is our confirmation.

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Force Index Binary System is a trend force system based on complex indicators: Red-D, 35 MA squeeze but the main filter is the force Index indicator. This trading system is .

Time Frame 15 min or higher. Expiry time 3 candles. Force Index 13 period, close with 50 level,. Moving average 21 period,. Red-D default setting , this indicator is formed by multi indicator and shows more information in this case we use only RSI bar trend up green, trend down orange, neutral black ,. Do not trades into flet area between yellow and orange line.

In the picture Force Index Binary System in action. Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy. CCI explosion Binary System -. The attack of the Viper 20 Binary Options Strategy: We can either walk on eggshells around our negative biases no growth , or we can learn to get past them growth. In reality, set and forget trading is simply ONE method for managing the trade. And it should in reality ONLY be used under two circumstances:.

You only have one, maybe two hours per day, and have no real way to manage your trades. Perhaps you work full time, have kids, and are just really really busy with a super tight schedule. In this case, you are probably best employing a forex set and forget strategy as a profit taking method using daily and 4hr price action strategies , but there is a big assumption in this. The Assumption The scenario above assumes you are a not trained in reading price action context, or b your trade will likely hit its stop loss or take profit after you enter, but while you are busy.

Hence, unless you are not trained to read the price action context in real time, or the trade will close while you are at work, then you are a decent candidate for a forex set and forget trading strategy. If your trade will take a few days, then this may not be the best method, because as it progresses, it may show signs it could go for a big runner. These are trades you have to take advantage of when they come , just like a really good poker player loads up on a strong hand.

Once you get good at reading the price action context in real time, you can also trail your stop and reduce your risk as the trade progresses. Almost every professional trader will reduce risk as their trades advance. Very few will look at it as a hell or high-water scenario , which is what you are saying when you use a set and forget trading strategy as your method. This one is pretty straight forward, and the risk of ruin needs to support your decision.

Without it, you could have the numbers working entirely against you without even knowing it. Thus, if you are that trader who falls outside of the two above reasons, you should explore other options, and develop an accurate baseline for gauging which method you use. The bottom line is the market evolves as it progresses over time.

This can happen intra-day, daily, or over days and weeks. Those that train and learn to adapt with such changes in real time will have their finger on the pulse and maximize opportunities.

This is what institutional traders do. They adjust and evolve their positions as the market does, just like a poker player will become more aggressive or conservative , based on the players around him, and the size of his chips. It is the first week in May, This is your chart below. And then you see this…. Keep in mind, this situation above happens on a micro-scale almost every day, sometimes many times per week. So when you consider employing a forex set and forget trading strategy, realize there are other options, and this should only be used in very specific circumstances.

Also understand, if you choose to use this method while you have other options, you are a putting a cap on your upside profits , and more importantly b putting a limit on your growth and development as a trader.

There are many other methods for managing your trades regardless of what time frame you trade. For those wanting to learn more about these methods and how to leverage them in your trading, learn about my Advanced Price Action Course where you get access to our daily trade setups commentary , trader quizzes , private member webinars , live trade setups forum , and more. I'm a verified profitable trader and trading mentor.

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